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The role of printed circuit boards in medical technology

The medical field is one of the most sensitive applications requiring PCBS because it requires precision, reliability, and high quality components. For this reason, medical PCBS are specifically designed to suit specific environments, laboratories, and te

Technical standard for coating PCBA circuit boards with three anti - paint

PCBA three anti paint coating methods: 1, impregnation, 2, spraying, 3, brush coating, 4, selective coating

In multilayer circuit boards

the production of controllable impedance boards is becoming more and more important.

Cooling tips for PCB circuit boards

To evaluate the heat dissipation capacity of PCB, it is necessary to calculate the equivalent thermal conductivity (9EQ) of the insulating substrate for PCB, which is composed of various materials with different thermal conductivity.

How to heat circuit boards

In the design of the power resistance as far as possible to select some large components, and adjust the layout of the printed circuit board so that it has enough space for heat dissipation.

PCB design: Analysis of quality problems in electroplating and etching of printed circuit boards

The lines form "copper roots" on both sides after etching, and the copper roots narrow the line spacing, resulting in printed circuit boards that do not meet the requirements of Party A, and may even be rejected.

What are the characteristics of PCB circuit boards that are widely used?

he system speed can be greatly reduced because of the increase of delay time caused by the delay of 2ns per 30cm line length of the common interconnect on the baseboard. Image shift register synchronization counter.

Circuit board factory: Which kinds of rigid circuit boards are classified  

The common multilayer board is generally 4 or 6 layers, complexMultilayer board can reach dozens of layers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of multilayer circuit boards

Advantages: high assembly density, small volume, light weight because of high assembly density, the connection between components (including components) is reduced, so the reliability is improved; The number of wiring layers can be increased, thus increas

Explain the storage and shelf life of PCB circuit boards

the temperature reproducibility can be obtained through multiple tests, so as to systematically evaluate the performance of the press.

PCB boards are widely used in the field of automatic testing of printed circuit boards

PCB board test system will have a new design idea, the use of automatic test system based on USB bus and virtual instrument design idea, give full play to the role of the computer

Production experience of halogen-free PCB printed circuit boards

Halogen-free PCB printed circuit boards have low water absorption and meet the requirements of environmental protection, in other performance can also meet the quality requirements of PCB board.

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