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Circuit board factory: Which kinds of rigid circuit boards are classified  
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Circuit board factory: Which kinds of rigid circuit boards are classified  

Keyou circuit according to the circuit layer classification: divided into single panel, double panel and multi - layer board. The common multilayer board is generally 4 or 6 layers, complex

Multilayer board can reach dozens of layers. There are three main types of PCB boards:

This type of board has wiring on both sides, although to use both sides it must be in between

A proper electrical connection will do. This "bridge" between circuits is called a pilot hole (via). A pilot hole is a small hole in a PCB that is filled or coated with metal,

It can be connected to the wires on both sides. Because the area of the dual panel is twice as large as that of the single panel, the dual panel solves the problem of the single panel because of the wiring interleaving

Difficult (can be through the hole to the other side), it is more suitable for use in more complex circuits than a single panel. 


To increase the area that can be wired, Multi-Layer Boards use more single or double-sided wiring boards. With a piece

Printed circuit boards with two sides for the inner layer and two single sides for the outer layer or two sides for the inner layer and two single sides for the outer layer are bonded by positioning system and insulation

A printed circuit board with alternating materials and interconnected conductive patterns as required by design becomes a four - or six-layer printed circuit board, also known as a multilayer

Printed circuit board.


The number of layers of the board does not mean that there are several independent wiring layers. In special cases, empty layers will be added to control the thickness of the board. Usually, the number of layers is even, and

And contains the outermost two layers.

Most of the main board is 4 to 8 layers of structure, but technically theory can be done close to 100 layers of PCB board. Large supercomputers are mostly

A considerable number of layers of mainframe boards are used, but since such computers can be replaced by clusters of many ordinary computers, super multi boards are becoming less common

It was used. Because the layers in the PCB are so tightly integrated, it's not always easy to see the actual number, but if you look closely at the host board, it's still

You can see that.

Circuit board factory: These modes of transportation you might use in the future


Circuit board factory Xiao bian think self-driving travel, crowded bus, such as aircraft has become a common landscape of modern life, but we do not meet the current means of transportation, faster and farther has become the goal of all people. But now, people's imagination of more science fiction transportation has slowly become a reality, and more and more high-tech transportation tools begin to enter our life.


A good tool for laziness and rest [driver less era is coming]. Google has been working on driverless cars for four or five years, and this has led other traditional car makers to start developing the technology, with Audi, Mercedes and Japanese brands now rolling out driverless designs. It's worth looking forward to. I don't know when it will be available in large quantities.


[Hyper loop: Beijing to New York in 2 hours] The fastest direct flight from Beijing to New York currently takes 12 hours. Maybe in the near future, a Hyper loop ride could cut that time down to two hours. The Hyper loop, designed by tech geek Musk, would ideally reach speeds of up to 6,500km/h. HTT, a company working on the development of hyper loop, announced in August that it would build the world's first "hyper loop track" in California next year, possibly making it possible to work across borders.


Convenient tool [Balance car to enter the Chinese market]. In the past, the appearance of the balance car is often accompanied by foreign science and technology leaders, it seems that only they can afford to use these tools, but recently, more and more companies in China also began to launch the balance car products, the intervention of domestic companies will be high price pressure down, now a few thousand yuan price can make you have a balance car, as a transportation tool for office workers is still very advantageous. Small range is good to use, circuit board factory Xiao bian I can only look at.


It seems like in every science fiction movie about the future, cars are supposed to be flying. For the flying car, scientists have not stopped the pace of research and development, but later people found that its realization is very difficult, not only need a long enough takeoff runway, and the driver needs to hold what documents is also a problem, so the flying car has been stuck in people's fantasy.


Space X, also from Musk's company, is no longer aiming for Earth but Space. Through a partnership with NASA and its own research and development, Space X will launch a spacecraft to carry astronauts to the International Space Station in 2017. According to Musk's plan, exploring Mars and establishing a colony there are also important plans for the future.


The hover board featured in the movie "Back to the Future Part II" has become a daydream for millions of people. Lexus unveiled a magnetic hoverboard in August that, in a video, can not only glide on water, but also perform various maneuvers in the air. But they all follow a special magnetic track on the ground. Once you leave the track, you can't get off the ground. Even the pool in the video has a track under it.

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