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SMT patch processing

SMT patch processing eliminates the opportunity for misalignment

The Chinese name of SMT chip processing (PCB) is called "printed circuit board", also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, is the support body of electronic components, is the provider of e...

CIMS is applied in SMT patch processing and production

Many equipments in SMT line are automatic equipments controlled by computer, which makes it possible for cad/cam integrated system to be constructed by computer aided manufacturing.

SMT patch processing development status in China

Looking ahead, TAMURA's lead-free solder paste has been gradually replaced by leaded solder paste, and low silver solder paste has been developed to fill the automotive electronics gap; A variety of MALCOM SMT peripheral testing equipment is continuously

SMT patch processing is a very complex process

coating thickness: if you want to get a thicker coating, by coating two layers of thin coating to obtain, and must be in the first layer of completely cured before allowed to coat the second layer; the thickness of the film layer: the addition of diluent

What is the preparation work before SMT patch processing?

The workshop supervisor of SMT patch processing and production shall reasonably arrange the workshop plan according to the weekly and monthly plan of PMC department and the material supply situation, and arrange the elongation of each line body and techni

SMT patch processing needs to pay attention to several standard problems

The first point: size error problem second point: component offset problem third point: temperature control problem Fourth point: PCB board surface treatment problem

Chemically etched SMT patch processing template

On pre-tinned PCB, the porosity of BGA joint increases with the increase of solvent volatility, metal composition and melting temperature, and also with the decrease of powder size.

Calculation of SMT patch processing points

Calculation of SMT patch processing pointsThe calculation of SMT chip processing points is the main basis for the calculation of processing costs. Many customers who have only come into contact with the SMT processing industry do not know how to calculate

Development and future of SMT patch processing in China

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SMT patch processing needs to pay attention to several standard issues

transfer personnel once lifted the amount of the board is too much, the component is too large, the board is not lifted when transferring, but dragged up along the trend, constitute the board Angle and the board surface conflict and scratch the board surf

What are the advantages of PCB "Yin and Yang board" in SMT patch processing?

PCB board drawing design is a complex and simple process. For the same circuit or the same instrument, even if the circuit with exactly the same components and parameters, the result may be very different due to the different component layout design and e

SMT patch processing need to understand some process problems

Introduction of nickel electroplating process for printed circuit board PCBPCB (English PrintedCircuieBoard printed circuit board is short for) with nickel plating as the substrate coating of precious metals and base metals, for some single-sided printed

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