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SMT patch factory

Shenzhen circuit board assembly and processing manufacturers

Shenzhen circuit board assembly and processing manufacturers, providing one-stop services from upstream electronic component procurement to PCB production and processing, SMT patch, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing, finished product assembly and so on.

What are the requirements of the solder paste printing process for the SMT patch factory

when printing, it is also necessary to use high-precision printing presses and precise printing technologies, such as holographic projection technology and linear motor technology. Only through strict process control can high quality electronic products b

What are the PCB types of soft board used by SMT patch factory?

in order to inhibit the crosstalk between PCB circuit board wires, in the design of wiring should be as far as possible to avoid long distance equal wiring, as far as possible to open the distance between lines, signal line and ground and power line as fa

A good SMT patch factory will do this!

In order to do a good job in PCBA processing, we need to do the following three things: first, solder paste should be used during SMT processing; second, the SMT equipment must be checked frequently during SMT processing; third, we should always pay atten

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