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printed circuit boards

A collection of examples of printed circuit boards (PCBS) from professional pcba proofing manufacturers

Challenge: Equipment is expected or required to maintain as uniform surface pressure as possible to improve the quality of processed products

How can the automatic optical inspection system be used in the production of printed circuit boards

Practice has proved that it is difficult to find each and every solder paste fouling only by sampling the printed circuit board samples. Only 100% inspection of all circuit boards can ensure greater inspection coverage, thus enabling statistical process c

Development of substrates for printed circuit boards

HDI board technology is characterized by BuildingUpProcess, commonly used resin coated copper foil (RCC), or semi-cured epoxy glass cloth and copper foil lamination is difficult to reach fine lines.

Printed circuit boards are assembled electronic parts

Printed circuit boards are assembled electronic parts1. Printed circuit board (PCB)PCB is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board (Printed Circuit Board). Also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, because it is made by electronic print

How LED Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Work

How LED Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) WorkAs the technology of the world continues to evolve, so does the technology in the field of LEDs, and LED Cases is a field that involves combining two technological approaches in order to come up with other methods

The role of printed circuit boards in medical technology

The medical field is one of the most sensitive applications requiring PCBS because it requires precision, reliability, and high quality components. For this reason, medical PCBS are specifically designed to suit specific environments, laboratories, and te

PCB design: Analysis of quality problems in electroplating and etching of printed circuit boards

The lines form "copper roots" on both sides after etching, and the copper roots narrow the line spacing, resulting in printed circuit boards that do not meet the requirements of Party A, and may even be rejected.

PCB boards are widely used in the field of automatic testing of printed circuit boards

PCB board test system will have a new design idea, the use of automatic test system based on USB bus and virtual instrument design idea, give full play to the role of the computer

Production experience of halogen-free PCB printed circuit boards

Halogen-free PCB printed circuit boards have low water absorption and meet the requirements of environmental protection, in other performance can also meet the quality requirements of PCB board.

Printed circuit boards and lead-free assembly requirements

Why is lead not allowed on printed boards, assembly processes and products? There are two reasons for this: first, lead is toxic and affects the environment; Second, leaded solder is not suitable for new assembly technology.

Recycling technology of epoxy resin in waste printed circuit boards

At present, the technology of metal extraction and recycling in waste printed circuit boards has been relatively mature. However, there is the problem of recycling the large amount of metal that remains after extraction.

Explain the importance of electroplating for printed circuit boards

The interconnection of various plates in electronic facilities often requires the use of PCB plug sockets with spring contacts and a matching preset printed circuit board with connected contacts.

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