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Wearables continue to miniaturize, focusing on system-level packaging PCBS

"Highly integrated miniaturization and modularity are the technical requirements for the development of downstream electronic products, and also the general trend of printed circuit board (PCB) to fully support the development of the electronics indu...

Will PCBA assembly process damage PCBS?

The higher the Td, the slower the burn rate. Materials with Td equal to or below 300°C are suitable for eutectic tin-lead welding. Materials with Td above or above 300°C are more suitable for lead-free welding. In this case, the higher the Td value, the h

A collection of examples of printed circuit boards (PCBS) from professional pcba proofing manufacturers

Challenge: Equipment is expected or required to maintain as uniform surface pressure as possible to improve the quality of processed products

Design to Handle RF PCBs

Design to Handle RF PCBsA radio frequency (RF) printed circuit board is a very high-speed circuit that operates at frequencies of 100mhz and above, typically between 500mhz and 2ghz. RF pcbs are the backbone of high-tech devices such as wireless networks,

How LED Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Work

How LED Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) WorkAs the technology of the world continues to evolve, so does the technology in the field of LEDs, and LED Cases is a field that involves combining two technological approaches in order to come up with other methods

Use multilayer PCBS where possible

Adjacent to these connection points, a pad or mounting hole for mounting is placed between the case ground and the circuit ground. These ground connections can be cut open with a blade to keep the circuit open, or a jump with a magnetic bead/high frequenc

What's different about HDI PCBS?

HDI pcb boards support more electrical connections per unit area than traditional single-layer boards. This is mainly due to the use of multiple layers as interconnects between layers in both laminated and blind holes.

Guidelines for best RF PCBS: High speed and RF PCB wiring

Shielding helps prevent interference from entering or exiting the board and affecting the signal integrity of the components on the RF PCB board. Shielding also prevents unwanted signals from interfering with nearby circuits and causing crosstalk between

Why do photoelectric components on PCBS always fail?

PCB has become the most important and key part of electronic information products. Its quality and reliability level determine the quality and reliability of the whole equipment.

Why do PCBS now have halogen requirements?

When PCB is used for hot air leveling and component welding, the board is subjected to high temperature (> 200), will also release trace amounts of hydrogen bromide。

Signal integrity and design of PCBS

As the growth and shrinkage stability of soft plate material is poor, the production of soft plate and pressed PI covering film should be given priority, and the hard plate part should be made according to its growth and shrinkage coefficient.

Networking and communication The 4 most commonly used materials in PCBS

The following article illustrates the different materials used to manufacture PCBS for networking and communication applications. Again, various useful features and characteristics of these materials are discussed in the post. Read on to learn more.

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