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Four main applications of UV lasers in industrial PCBS

This streamlined production solution helps eliminate quality control issues that arise when boards are switched between different processes.

10 practical ways to cool PCBS

it is very important to have a good heat dissipation treatment on the circuit board. The heat dissipation of PCB circuit board is a very important link, then PCB circuit board heat dissipation skills are what, let's discuss the next.

What you need to know about high frequency PCBS

There are several parameters to consider when designing PCBS for high frequency applications. This article discusses these factors, as well as the application of high frequency printed circuit boards.

Why should PCBS be divided into digital and analog

The most critical problem is not to cross the divide gap wiring, once across the divide gap wiring, electromagnetic radiation and signal crosstalk will increase sharply. The most common problem in PCB design is EMI problem caused by signal lines crossing

A complete list of other Terms related to Circuit boards and PCBS (IV)

general solid insulation material is not easy to fill the dead corners, and where the need to be closely matched, such as high-voltage cables, transformers, small capacitors, can be filled with mineral oil, ethylene glycol and carbon chloride, as liquid i

Why are ceramic PCBS so expensive? What's the difference with ordinary PCB

Ordinary PCB is usually made of copper foil and substrate bonding, and the main material of ceramic substrate is alumina, beryllium oxide, aluminum nitride and other metal oxide ceramics, the performance of the two is quite different.

What are PCBS and FPCS? What's the difference?

in the design of PCB, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of PCB pad.

High reliability PCBS generally have these characteristics

PCB as the core substrate of electronic products, its quality and reliability directly affect the quality and reliability of electronic products, so high reliability PCB has become the basic requirements of many electronic products.

5G will provide a huge market for PCBS

From 4G upgrade to 5G, communication base station required PCB quantity and price rise. Due to the high-frequency microwave characteristics of 5G, the base station density is higher than that of 4G base stations.

The lightweight and miniaturization of PCBS comes from the increase in density

The PCB thermal cycle temperature is summarized in Table 1 below according to the five grades classified according to the different position of the vehicle.

How to get better wireless performance for mobile devices with small PCBS

This presents considerable challenges for product designers. Before the new product can be used on carrier networks, the final design needs to be submitted for formal network and government approval, and if the antenna does not function properly or if the

A few true stories tell you just how important PCBS are

But as digital circuits became faster and RF circuits were incorporated into PCB, boards became the limiting factor in many designs, and while CAD tools can help engineers design boards, CAD's automatic wire-winding capabilities often cause more problems.

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