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What types of rigid-flex PCBs are there?

Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are mainly divided into three types, including single-sided rigid-flex PCB, double-sided rigid-flex PCB, and multi-layer rigid-flex PCB.

What are the differences between single-layer and multi-layer PCBs?

A single-layer board has only 1 layer, while a multi-layer PCB has more than two layers.

Advantages of Copper PCBs

As we all know, the electronics industry is in great demand for heavy copper PCBs. We also know that copper is one of the main components of any PCB. In other words, copper PCBs hold a high place in today's electronics development. We will use this techni

Medical Wearable Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Wearable devices are used to accurately monitor the user's health status and provide medical staff with powerful information, which can effectively record the user's exercise and heart rate, etc. With the continuous development of the medical and health f

4-layer flexible PCBs

Kingford is a one-stop solution provider for professional 4-layer flexible PCBs, flexible PCB assembly.

Medical motherboard BGA assembly

kingford provides high-precision Medical motherboard BGA assembly and supporting testing systems. We have sufficient SMT production capacity to ensure customer delivery

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