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How flexible and rigid flexo PCB can be strengthened

If we study the history of PCBs, we will notice that they gradually shift according to market demand. But this is nothing new, right? What's new in our market demand. While we thrive on technology, from optimization to best, we face a special need. In

Using Flexible Rigid PCBs to Produce More Reliable Products

Expensive and complex discrete interconnect cables can reduce design reliability, increase design cost and overall design size. Fortunately, there is an alternative to flexible and flex-rigid PCBs. Flexible PCBs provide a cost-effective and convenient sol

The main trends of PCB development in 2022

With the huge impact of the latest technologies such as 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence on the world of electronics, there is a lot going on in PCB manufacturing right now.

What are the benefits of LED PCBs?

Reduce power consumption, longer life, more efficient, small size, no mercury, no radio frequency, environmental protection, and cost reduction.

What are the types of LED PCBs?

Flexible LED PCB, Rigid LED PCB, Hybrid LED PCB, Multilayer LED PCB, Single Layer LED PCB.

Where are rigid PCBs used?

Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, Heart Monitors, CAT Scans, MRI Systems, Aircraft Cockpit Instruments, Temperature Sensors, Control Tower Instruments, etc...

What are the uses, types and application areas of PCBs?

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are key components of electronic components. Most people use them every day without even thinking about it, and they are vital to all walks of life. There are tons of applications for PCBs, but we'll cover 10 of the most com

Multilayer PCBs: Manufacturing Processes, Types, Application Areas

A multilayer PCB is a printed circuit board with more than 2 layers. Double-sided PCBs have two conductive layers on the top and bottom of the PCB substrate. Multilayer PCBs must have at least 3 layers of conductive material or copper. All layers are inte

Do you provide manufacturing services after designing multi-layer PCBs?

Yes, we are fully capable of providing PCB manufacturing services, we have our own PCB factory of 500 million square meters, which can provide everything from PCB design, DFMA, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, component procurement, etc.

What kind of materials are used in hybrid PCBs?

Hybrid PCBs use materials with different key properties than traditional multilayer PCBs. Often a mixture of FR-4 material with high frequency PTFE material, or a mixture of different high frequency materials with different dielectric constants is used.

What finishes do you offer for high frequency PCBs?

We offer ROHS-Immersion Tin, Gold, Silver finish. Also, if you need any custom finishing of high frequency bare boards, please feel free to contact us.

What are the different materials you usually use for high frequency PCBs?

We use a range of materials including RO4350B, RO3003, RO4003C, RO3010, RT5880

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