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PCB layout

Portable smart drives give PCB layouts more structure

While this strategy is successful, it is also limited by the amount of load on the application processor, and these additional features will force PCB designers to consume more power and more computing resources.

PCB layout of the power circuit

PCB layout of the power circuitThe power circuit is an important part of an electronic product, and the design of the power circuit is directly related to the performance of the product. The power supply circuits of our electronic products mainly include

Right-angle routing, differential routing and serpentine routing in PCB LAYOUT

Layout is one of the most basic skills of PCB design engineer. The quality of the wiring will directly affect the performance of the whole system, most of the high-speed design theory will be finally realized and verified by Layout.

pcb Multilayer PCB layout sharing experience of PCB layout engineers

Place pcb components at any Angle:Double-click the component and there is a parameter called Rotation. It's the Angle of rotation. Choose the Angle you want.

PCB layout clever skills and processing defects

After careful consideration and prediction, the design of online circuit testing can be carried out at the early stage of design and realized at the later stage of production process.

INA universal PCB layout

When proprietary liquid resist is used in conjunction with CL coater, the intent is to save PCB manufacturers significant time and money, as well as improve the quality of the final product and reduce defects.

HDI PCB layout with blind and buried holes

High Density Interconnect (HDI) is a technique for creating high speed and high density PCBS. HDI uses blind and buried holes to increase signal density and thus improve the performance of printed circuit boards.

How to place and install decoupling capacitors in PCB layout

The size of the digital circuit output current Ioh pulled from the power supply at high voltages and the current Iol injected at low voltages is generally different, that is, Iol > Ioh.

SMD component PCB layout technology

Too low density of alkaline etching solution will aggravate side erosion, choosing etching solution with high copper concentration is very beneficial to reduce side erosion.

2D of PCB layout

It is characterized by surface mounting of components and reflow welding technology. It has become a new generation of assembly technology for electronic products manufacturing.

PCB layout

With Spectre circuit simulation platform, WillSemi maintains design integrity throughout the design cycle, increasing simulation throughput and improving productivity.

Precautions for emi emc pcb layout

What problems should we pay attention to in PCB laminated design? Let a professional engineer tell you. Two rules must be followed in the design of lamination

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