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pcb Multilayer PCB layout sharing experience of PCB layout engineers
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pcb Multilayer PCB layout sharing experience of PCB layout engineers

1, the schematic library can be randomly drawn, as long as the corresponding corresponding pins can be

2. The number of pins in the schematic library is one-to-one corresponding to that in the pcb library

3. When drawing the pcb gallery, the length and width of the components should be appropriate, and the size of the grid can be set to facilitate the setting of the size of the pcb gallery. The number of pins corresponds one to one with the schematic library.

4. When drawing the schematic library, the components must be placed in the center of the drawing board and then saved. Otherwise pcb schematic diagram, the device always can not be dragged in.

5, when drawing pcb gallery to set reference points, otherwise in the generated printed circuit board, components drag, always run outside.

(Shortcut key: E,F,L or E,F,C, or E,F,P). Save it.

6. When drawing pcb library, you can draw it through the wizard. Step: Tools - Component Wizard.

Pin number can be set directly pin distance, very convenient. (Some software does not have tools - component wizard)

7. When the left "project" bar is lost, click "system" and select "project".

8. When speaking pcb gallery, draw the frame of components:

Select topOverlay and place--line to draw the shell of the component in yellow color. To draw a circular arc, select the circular arc in place.

9. When printing, if there is only a pad without a line, it is because the corresponding layer is not selected. Just select it.

10. When using netlable, note that the corresponding lable name must be connected to the corresponding pin (XX in red).

11. The pcb and sch drawings drawn at the end must be backed up.

12. Add the drawn library file to a library:

In the library file, right-click any file, editfootprint--tools--new component,

For example, to add 555 to the schbib file, type 555 and click OK. Open the 555sch.lib file E--C (copy), open the file intended as a large library, E--P (paste), and save. If you open the library file again, you will find that 555.schlib has been added.


13. When drawing schlib by yourself, you must pay attention to the designator of the pin of the element is a number and the serial number of the pin, while displayname is the name of the discipline, which can be English characters. If the error is reversed, the pin corresponding to the chip in the final generated pcb file will not be connected. (But it didn't happen in any of the previous operations, so be sure to pay attention to !!!!)

14. When your sch drawing is finished, you will find that you need to modify one of the sclib (schematic library file). After modification, click Tools-Updateschematics in the interface of schlib, and the corresponding components in the drawn sch schematic file will be automatically modified!

15. Draw pcblib library files with the wizard:

File-> open, select and open a *.pcblib library file, tools-> newcomponent, will appear to draw the pcb library wizard, according to the wizard prompts, you can select DIP, SOP,BGA and other packaging types, after selecting the type, you can set the length and width of the pin and border distance, pin number, pin spacing and other information, after setting, pcb library basic ok.

16, the realization of teardrop effect:

tools-> teardrops

17, leakage line inspection, report-> boardinformation-> general-> report Select routing information and confirm.

18. Find out the circuits and components connected in the schematic diagram but not yet connected in the pcb:

tools-> rule-> designerule check

19. Draw circular arc circuit:

Shift+Space Change the cable mode to AnyAngle (any Angle) to pull the diagonal cable.

20. From drawing an arc to drawing a slash line:

Right click -> preference-> protelpcb-> default Select angular dimension and reset.

21. Place pcb components at any Angle:

Double-click the component and there is a parameter called Rotation. It's the Angle of rotation. Choose the Angle you want.

22. Draw pcb to drag components to pcb area, you must turn off the input software, such as Sogou Pinyin, otherwise it is difficult to place components to drag components to pcb area !!!!

23. When making thermal transfer pcb, the hole is also printed, and the pad is no longer solid:

file-> pagesetup-> advance-> Tick the holes in the pinout.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.