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ircuit board

Optimization design skills of circuit board heat dissipation

Avoid the concentration of hot spots on the PCB, distribute the power evenly on the PCB board as much as possible, and maintain the uniform and consistent temperature performance of the PCB surface. It is often difficult to achieve strict uniform distribu

Problems encountered in PCB circuit board design

Easy to manage circuit board components For a large led circuit board, it has a lot of parts package, there are thousands of networks, very messy, the use of the class can be very convenient to manage the circuit board.

PCB factory introduces the working principle of mobile power circuit board

The mobile power supply plays a role of small body and large function, which needs to be regulated by a special circuit through voltage conversion to achieve charging support for special products.

Share PCB routing tips for printed circuit board design

The frequency of the digital circuit is high, the sensitivity of the analog circuit is strong, for the signal line, the high-frequency signal line is as far away from the sensitive analog circuit device as possible, for the ground line, the whole PCB has

Circuit board manufacturing how to be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving

With the development of the production of printed led circuit boards in the direction of high precision and high density, the production of printed boards is more energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.

Precautions for using automatic dispensing on PCB circuit board

Anti-static SMT loading and unloading rack has been introduced to you before, it is specially used for automatic loading machine, specifications and styles are generally universal.

Several methods of reducing noise and electromagnetic interference in PCB circuit board design

Maintenance of spare printed circuit board. For the spare printed circuit board that has been purchased, it should be installed on the numerical control device regularly and run for a period of time to prevent damage;

Cost advantages of even layer PCB printed circuit boards

found a short circuit phenomenon. Take a board to cut the line (especially suitable for single/double board), after cutting the line, each part of the function block is powered separately, and gradually eliminated.

Analysis of PCB circuit board design signal wiring can not be right Angle reasons

In principle, right-angle wiring will cause the line width of the transmission line to change, resulting in impedance discontinuity. In fact, not only right Angle wiring, ton Angle, acute Angle wiring may cause impedance changes.

Power signal integrity considerations in PCB circuit board design

In circuit board design, we are usually very concerned about the quality of the signal, but sometimes we usually limit the research on the signal line, and the power and ground as the ambition of the situation to deal with, although this can make the ques

How is the chip inductor and chip magnetic bead different in PCB circuit board

What is the circuit and load impedance? Whether there is space to place magnetic beads on the PCB board. The first three can be judged by observing the impedance frequency curve provided by the manufacturer.

Shenzhen held the international circuit board and electronic assembly exhibition

In the environmental protection and clean zone, a number of innovative technologies and solutions applied to the "three wastes" (waste gas, wastewater, solid waste) treatment and resource recovery in the printed circuit board industry were also ...

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