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Three basic signal grounding methods in PCB circuit boards

PCB production process is more complex, it involves a wide range of processes, from simple machining to complex machining, there are ordinary chemical reactions and photochemical electrochemical thermochemistry and other processes, computer-aided design C

Definition and classification of single-sided flexible PCB circuit boards

From passive components to active components and integrated circuits, all eventually become surface mount devices (SMDS) and can be assembled by pick-up and drop devices. For a long time it was thought that all pin components could eventually be packaged

PCB factory to share PCB circuit board wiring matters to pay attention to

Whether the edge of the outer frame of the power supply layer in the multi-layer board is reduced, such as the copper foil of the power supply layer is exposed outside the board, which is easy to cause short circuit.

The influence of pad size on circuit board welding was analyzed

The circuit board software designed by many circuit board designers is designed according to the components of the circuit board software itself, and the circuit board pad is not very large, so whether the circuit board pad is too small affects the circui

Functional testing of high-density printed circuit boards

In order to make the test as high as possible failure coverage, in the design stage must pay attention to the selection of components and PCB layout, unfortunately, the actual situation is not always the case, rush to market and nervous development often

PCB circuit board production camera plate to meet what conditions

With the development of the electronics industry, the demand for printed boards is getting higher and higher. Printed board design of high density, thin wire, small aperture trend faster and faster, printed board production process is becoming more and mo

PCB circuit board technology development history and development speed

In this environment of multi-project concurrency, high technology, rapid change, and limited resources, failures and setbacks are common. As companies are always struggling to meet changing market demands and face various challenges, they need to consider

The Chinese name of SMT chip processing (PCB) is called "printed circuit board"

The Chinese name of SMT chip processing (PCB) is called "printed circuit board", also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, is the support body of electronic components, is the provider of e...

In order to ensure the high quality and high stability of the printed circuit board

In the rapid development of science and technology today, a variety of high-tech electronic products emerge in an endless stream, which makes the demand for printed circuit boards increase sharply, manufacturing difficulties are becoming higher and higher

A collection of examples of printed circuit boards (PCBS) from professional pcba proofing manufacturers

Challenge: Equipment is expected or required to maintain as uniform surface pressure as possible to improve the quality of processed products

How to manufacture your own PCBA circuit board

Suitable paper is used to print the design and transfer it to bakelite, we will use vinyl support paper for labels, another one that gets very good results is adhesive paper support.

PCB printed circuit board of different methods

Paneling via flange wiring of a perforated material bridge: This process is similar to the simple flange wiring described above. However, the material bridge here has additional holes drilled, which greatly simplifies the separation process and also provi

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