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Analysis of anti-interference prevention methods of PCB circuit boards

The level of viscosity is of great concern to the smoothness or not of screen printing. Therefore, in the PCB ink technical documents and QC reports, the viscosity is clearly marked, indicating under what conditions, what type of viscosity testing equipme

New environmental protection regulations promote the healthy development of the circuit board industry

In view of the fact that green production is becoming more and more the standard of PCB manufacturers, and it is also actively promoted from the national policy level, the exhibition has launched a "green environmental protection zone" since 201...

Method to remove silicone oil from FPC circuit board by transferring release film

More and more customers are looking for silicone oil cleaning agents on the circuit board, because the silicone oil on the release film sticks to the circuit board.

PCB circuit board board classification and detailed explanation of parameters

the circuit board must be flame resistant, can not burn at a certain temperature, can only be softened. At this time, the temperature point is called the glass transition temperature (Tg point), and this value is related to the size and durability of the

Surface treatment technology in FPC production of soft circuit board

Soft printed board as a domestic faster growth industry, many materials and equipment still need to continue to explore, mass production also need to process and machinery equipment, material field of continuous integrity, this paper extracted a link to t

PCB single-sided circuit board and PCB double-sided circuit board drilling difference

Single-sided circuit board is the most basic PCB circuit board, the parts are concentrated on one side, the wire is concentrated on the other side, because the wire appears on one side of the reason we call it single-sided circuit board. Because single-si

PCB double-sided circuit board manufacturing process

The second method is to let the designer of the circuit board factory beside a piece of copper foil around the circuit board pad, the attachment area is large, the pad is not easy to fall off, if there is no space around the pad beside the copper foil

FPC A term related to flexible electronic circuit boards

The soft plate is also like the hard plate, and can be made of plated through holes or surface adhesive pads for through holes insertion or surface adhesive installation. The surface of the board can also be attached to a soft protective and solderproof C

Global FPC (flexible circuit board) industry market size analysis

When the circuit board is pressed together with the release film, the silicone oil will be transferred to the circuit board, resulting in poor binding degree, so the silicone oil on the surface of the product needs to be completely cleaned before a step p

PCB process design specification for printed circuit boards

It is a welding method that the welding end face of the components and the PCB welding pad are coated with paste solder and assembled together, heated until the solder is melted, and then the welding area is cooled.

PCBA processing lecture hall: the common heat dissipation method of circuit board

the device on the same printed circuit board should be arranged as far as possible according to the size of its heat and the degree of heat dissipation, small heat or poor heat resistance devices (such as small signal transistors, small-scale integrated c

How to determine the PCB printed circuit boards

Aluminum is a very attractive material with abundant resources, low cost, excellent thermal conductivity and strength. In addition, it is very environmentally friendly and can be used on most metal substrates or metal cores. Due to the advantages of econo

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