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HDI PCB Capability

HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCB Process CapabilityItembatchTemplatelayers4-16 Layers4-24 LayersPlate thickness range0.6-3.2mm0.4-6.0mmhighest order4+N+4Any layer innterconnectedMinimum laser hole4mil (0.1mm)3mil (0.075mm)Laser processCO2 Laser Machine

How to distinguish HDI PCB first and second and third order

drying board, mechanical drilling for buried holes, copper sinking, full plate plating (negative film process, plating to the required copper thickness), inner graphics, inner etching, inner AOI, brown, laminating, drying board, milling edge, drilling (L2

What's different about HDI PCBS?

HDI pcb boards support more electrical connections per unit area than traditional single-layer boards. This is mainly due to the use of multiple layers as interconnects between layers in both laminated and blind holes.

HDI PCB layout with blind and buried holes

High Density Interconnect (HDI) is a technique for creating high speed and high density PCBS. HDI uses blind and buried holes to increase signal density and thus improve the performance of printed circuit boards.

How to Overcome HDI PCB Design Issues

HDI technology allows designers to drastically reduce the size of the circuit, while still ensuring the required reliability and signal integrity. For engineers, the challenges to be faced are particularly tough, mainly related to the fabrication process.

How to avoid HDI PCB design problems?

Maintain the integrity of signal transmission and prevent the "ground projectile phenomenon" caused by the division of ground wire.

Setting HDI PCB layout and wiring in PCB design software

Explanation of PCB processing factory: setting HDI PCB layout and wiring in PCB design software

PCB factory: impedance matching and sharing in HDI PCB design

Circuit board design and circuit board processing manufacturer explain: impedance matching method sharing in HDI PCB design

Circuit board factory explains common stack structure of HDI PCB

Circuit board assembly, circuit board design, and circuit board processing manufacturers explain common laminated structures of HDI PCB

Three key manufacturing processes in HDI PCB manufacturing

PCB manufacturing, PCB design, and PCBA processing manufacturers will explain the three key manufacturing processes in HDI PCB manufacturing

PCB processing manufacturer explains common stack structure of HDI PCB

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain to you the common stacking structures of HDI PCB manufacturers

Laser Technology for HDI PCB

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