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Related Technology
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HDI PCB Capability

HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCB process Capability
layers4-16 Layers4-24 Layers
Plate thICkness range0.6-3.2mm0.4-6.0mm
highest order4+N+4Any layer innterconnected
Minimum laser hole4mil (0.1mm)3mil (0.075mm)
Laser processCO2 Laser MachineCO2 Laser Machine
Tg value140/150/170°C140/150/170°C
hole copper12-18μm12-18μm
Impedance tolerance+/-10%+/-7%
interlayer alignment+/-3mil+/-2mil
Solder Mask Alignment+/-2mil+/-1mil
Minimum line width/line spacing2.5/2.5mil2.0/2.0mil
SMAllest grommet2.5mil2.5mil
Minimum through hole8mil (0.2mm)6mil(0.15mm)
smallest micropore4.0mil3.0mil
Minimum media thickness3.0mil2.0mil
Minimum pad12mil10mil
Micropore Aperture Aspect Ratio1:11:2:1

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