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PCB manufacturers talk about the significance and stakes of independent research and development of chips

Zte is supported by China's National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, which undoubtedly speeds up the process of ZTE's independent research and development of chips; Before this, Huawei has launched its own Kirin 950 chip, which intends to com

Finished product testing of integrated circuit chips

Finished product testing of integrated circuit chips1. Chip introduction74HC138 is a three-channel input, eight-channel output decoder. The 74HC138 decoder accepts 3-bit binary code inputs (A0, A1 and A2). 74HC138 has 3 enable terminals: Eˉ1 and Eˉ2 are a

Replacement of IC chips of the same model

Internal equivalent PCB circuit and application PCB circuit some of the lead out feet are not marked, encounter empty lead feet, should not be grounded without permission,

Implanted chips have become a reality, ceramic circuit boards

Human body is a very sensitive organism, if disorderly implantation, the human body will reject many things, serious and even life-threatening, which is why ceramic circuit board is said.

What is the reason for the lack of chips in PCBA?​

Kingford is a PCB company engaged in the production and assembly of circuit boards. We not only sell PCBA, but also have many strategies related to PCB design and PCB proofing. Next, let me introduce you to some matters related to PCB.

Car chips are out of stock, and car PCB are hot? Circuit board factory

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain to you that auto PCBs are hot because of the shortage of auto chips?

Function and Operation Procedure of Bottom Filler in PCB Production

The circuit board manufacturer and circuit board designer explain the function and operation procedure of bottom filler in PCB production

PCB DFM should not be limited to chips, PCB needs it more

This article roughly describes that PCB DFM should not be limited to chips, but PCB needs DFM more

Maintenance Skills of Industrial Circuit Board

Maintenance skill of industrial circuit board: Don't rely too much on online tester

Detailed explanation of PCB process chip packaging technology

The circuit board manufacturer and circuit board designer explain the chip packaging technology to you in detail

What are the common circuit protection elements in PCBA processing?

The circuit board manufacturer will explain to you which circuit protection components are commonly used in PCBA processing

How many chips does PCBA need to produce a car?

Shenzhen PCB manufacturer explains how many chips PCBA needs to produce a car

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