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Implanted chips have become a reality, ceramic circuit boards
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Implanted chips have become a reality, ceramic circuit boards

Chip implantation is something that used to be the stuff of science fiction movies, where you put a chip in your brain to help you remember things, do advanced computing, and so on. These may not be too far away. The rapid development of smart wearable devices indicates that we are about to enter a new era. The ultimate result of smart wearables is implants.

According to the Guardian, Kayla Heffernan, an implantable technologist, has successfully implanted a smart chip into a person. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is usually inserted into a person's thumb and index finger using a special syringe. The needle is about the same thickness as a human puncture needle. Its functions are currently limited to payment and unlocking. Think about the electronic information age in the future, when we go out without any electronic devices, we just need to implant a chip in our body to complete all the functions of our mobile devices. Or even better, we can implant AI chips, each of us can become a "super power" owner. What a wonderful thing it is.

PCB circuit board

Current implantable devices still use RFID tags, so ceramic circuit boards play a significant role in this. Human body is a very sensitive organism, if disorderly implantation, the human body will reject many things, serious and even life-threatening, which is why ceramic circuit board is said. As inorganic substances, ceramics have high corrosion resistance and do not react with the human body, making them the safest implant materials at present.

John McNamara, a veteran inventor at International Business Machines Corp., predicts that AI nanobots could be implanted into the human body within 20 years to help repair and strengthen muscle, tissue and bone. Scientists at companies including Microsoft have begun developing computers made from DNA that can reside inside cells and help humans look for flaws in human networks, such as cancer. If the robot detects the possibility of cancer, it reboots its system to remove the diseased tissue.

Curing cancer will undoubtedly be more persuasive than unlocking and paying, and will save thousands of lives, with ceramic substrates being the biggest credit. As a manufacturer of ceramic circuit boards, Slitone is always proud of its industry and its contribution to society.

Not long ago, an international high-end chip manufacturer approached Sleitone and expressed the hope that Sleitone could research and develop ceramic circuit boards for its application in human body implant chips. At present, Sleitone has been in close contact with relevant experts. If successful cooperation can be achieved, it will represent a big step forward in the field of human body implant in China.

The development of ceramic circuit boards has been imperceptible in People's Daily life, and we as the practitioners of ceramic circuit boards, to do is to produce a better performance of ceramic circuit boards, for the future of the whole science and technology, pay our strength

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