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What is the reason for the lack of chips in PCBA?​
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What is the reason for the lack of chips in PCBA?​

What is the reason for the lack of chips in PCBA?
Liu, chairman of Taiwan Jujutsu Telecom, said in a recent media interview as chairman of TSIA that people are worried about the global shortage of semiconductor chips Some people say that PCB manufacturers only manufacture in Taiwan, but in fact, today's shortage will occur wherever PCB factories produce patches I hope the world will not misunderstand Taiwan. There are three main reasons for the shortage of SMT chips in polychlorinated biphenyl plants:
1. COVID-19 leads to overstock of supply chain inventory.
2. New uncertainties. The US China trade war has shifted the proportion of the supply chain to the market. Other competitors expect Huawei to gain more market share after losing market share due to sanctions. These uncertainties lead to repeat orders. The actual production capacity is actually greater than the actual market demand.


3. COVID-19 Disease will accelerate the digital transformation and change the way of work and life.
Speaking of the hot topic of closely maturing the polychlorinated biphenyl market, Liu said, for example, the supply of 28nm now seems to be in short supply, but in fact, global capacity is still greater than demand He believed that due to the overall trend of AI and 5G, SMt chips were a factor in the long-term growth of demand in the semiconductor industry TSMC itself has enough time and financial resources to support the growth of demand for such transistor chips In order to support customers, TSMC will also add new capacity, including mature processes, but this is not a structural problem and should be more related to customer management When uncertainty and market share change, there will be too many orders and repeat orders For typhoons, it was impossible to take capacity first TSMC will understand which industries are in the most urgent demand and which industries may have inventory decline problems through comprehensive analysis
Polychlorinated biphenyls
For example, if the shortage of SMT chips affects the economy and employment, it needs to be supported and solved first. Typhoon is doing these things.
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In recent years, the global chip shortage has seriously affected many industries such as PC, mobile phones, automobiles, and many major PCB manufacturers to reduce or even stop production At present, the lack of core has led to a large number of new products related to automobiles and graphics cards, among which the price of graphics cards has almost tripled More importantly, the PCB industry continued to expand to more product lines due to the price rise caused by the lack of core competitiveness Not long ago, Xu Qi, president of Realme China, said in an interview after the launch of new products that due to the shortage of raw materials such as chips and batteries and kits in the upstream of the mobile phone supply chain, the price of mobile phones may fluctuate in the second half of this year, while the overall supply and demand relationship in the second half of this year will determine the price trend of the entire mobile phone industry
It is worth noting that this is not the first time for PCB manufacturers to warn outside Lei Jun also said in an interview on the 30th that not only are mobile phone chips short, but all chips in the world are out of stock This shortage may last for two years Consumers may find consumer electronics increasingly difficult and expensive to buy

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