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Aluminum PCB Capability

Aluminum PCB Capability
Aluminum PCB FeatureParameter (in)Parameter (mm)
Layers1 – 61 – 6
Max Board Size24” x 40”609.6 x 1016mm
Min Board Thickness – 1-2 (layers)16mil0.4mm
Min Board Thickness – 4 (layers)20mil0.5mm
Min Board Thickness – 6 (layers)24mil0.6mm
Board Thickness Range16 – 157mil0.4 – 4mm
Max Copper Thickness5oz175um
Min Line Width / Space4mil / 4mil0.1 / 0.1mm
Min Hole Size20mil0.5mm
PTH Dia. Tolerance±2mil±0.05mm
NPTH Dia. Tolerance±1mil±0.025mm
Hole Position Deviation±4mil±0.1mm
Outline Tolerance±4mil±0.1mm
S/M Pitch3mil0.08mm
Aspect Ratio6:016:01
Thermal Shock5 x 10Sec @2885 x 10Sec @288
Warp & Twist<= 0.75%<= 0.75%
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