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SMT machining

The role of PCB reinforcement in PCBA processing

The company gives full play to its competitive advantages in scale procurement and quality control, and has signed long-term cooperation agreements with many electronic component manufacturers at home and abroad and around the world to ensure the quality

Five methods to perfectly eliminate SMT machining defects - welding pores

The furnace temperature test is carried out twice a day to optimize the furnace temperature curve, and the heating rate cannot be too fast. The temperature of the preheating zone should meet the requirements, not too low, so that the flux can be fully vol

SMT machining welding bad causes and prevention countermeasures

Pre-welding quality inspection also includes: PCB electronic assembly design audit/or review; Audit/or review of welding process plans and procedures; Identification of outsourced units such as printed boards, components, welding process materials, and ac

Possible influence of reflow soldering on SMT machining quality

To mitigate this impact, manufacturers often take various measures, such as placing components in cooler areas or using components that are more resistant to high temperatures

How does the air pressure of the SMT machining assembly machine work

SMT mounter. This is a surface mount system. Generally divided into manual and automatic. With the development of Time, complete automation has gradually entered our world.

How to set SMT SMT machining quality control points?

Check PCB incoming materials. Whether the welding plate is oxidized, the printed board is deformed, the printed board is scratched; Inspection method: Visual inspection according to the inspection specification.

SMT machining solder joint is not round seven reasons

There may be seven reasons for unrounded solder joints in SMT processing: 1. Slag and bubbles: 2. Improper temperature control: 3. Insufficient welding time; 4. Insufficient soldering tin; 5. Uneven PCB surface: 6. The solder particle is too large: 7. The

What are the factors affecting SMT machining quality?

Factors affecting SMT processing quality: 1, equipment, 2, technology, 3, PCB circuit board, 4, steel mesh (template), 5, furnace temperature curve setting

Implement process control measurement before SMT machining

Before SMT proofing, PCB should test: 1. PCB light plate deformation, surface smooth; 2. 2. Whether there is oxidation on the circuit board welding plate; 3. Whether the copper coating on the circuit board is exposed; 4. Whether the PCB has been baked for

How can SMT machining avoid printing failure?

Solutions to printing faults in SMT patch processing: 1. There is no gap between the mold and PCB printing mode, which is called "touch printing". Second, the installation should choose the IC installation height of no more than 0.5mm, 0mm or 0~...

Five methods to eliminate SMT machining defects - welding pores

There are five methods to solve the welding porosity of the patch: 1, baking, 2, tin paste, 3, humidity, 4, furnace temperature curve, 5, flux

SMT machining surface assembly process

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