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How does the air pressure of the SMT machining assembly machine work
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How does the air pressure of the SMT machining assembly machine work

How does the air pressure of the SMT machining assembly machine work

In the SMT processing laying machine production line, the pressure needs to be checked in time, if the pressure value of the production line is too low, it will produce a lot of adverse consequences, so the pressure should be checked in time, now, please let if the pressure of the multifunctional laying machine is insufficient, we introduce the following to you

When our machine is in operation, the air pressure is limited by the machine, so when the air pressure is below or above the target value, the assembly machine will sound an alarm, and the relevant parts of the SMT machining assembly machine will also sound an alarm. Failure due to air pressure.

1: Abnormal paper feed: The paper feeder cannot feed paper normally. If the nozzle is working properly at this time, it may be damaged

2: Abnormal stop: This will seriously affect the visual positioning of the printed circuit board in the entertainment, and may cause the entertainment head to contact the printed circuit board.

3: Abnormal mounting head: the movement of the mounting head is affected, resulting in a lack of scalability in the conventional way Related SMT processing article recommendation: The basic operating procedures and processes of the automatic SMT mounter20 (1)

We know the dangers of too low air pressure in SMT laminating machines, so we need to solve it. The reasons for low air pressure are generally deformation, damage, blockage, insufficient air pressure, air leakage, suction nozzle can not normally inhale or material errors and other advanced situations. We must replace the cigarette holder frequently and maintain the cigarette holder frequently so that the operation of the patch can proceed smoothly.

If you are someone who does not know which SMT mounter is capable of working, in fact, the mounter is a more common SMT tool, a mounter responsible for SMT electronic components, we can use the mounter for various precision components to quickly and accurately place to help us complete the task, then what can the automatic placement machine do? Let us know.

SMT mounter. This is a surface mount system. Generally divided into manual and automatic. With the development of Time, complete automation has gradually entered our world.

So what does the smt machine do? SMT placement machines can replace the precise, fast and precise manual positioning of machine parts. It has the advantage of completely replacing labor and can be used for mass production. Save time and install accurately. According to statistics, the failure rate of SMT SMT machines is less than three percent, which saves costs and materials.

In order to achieve rapid positioning and high-precision positioning, SMT chip machines have gradually entered our field of vision. SMT placement machines make our SMT placement lines important and complex machines. This way of placement is gradually transformed into a multi-functional placement. Whether it is computer motherboards, LED lights, mobile phone motherboards or computer chips, SMT chip machines can help us.

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