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How to improve the assembly efficiency of SMT mounters?
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How to improve the assembly efficiency of SMT mounters?

How to improve the assembly efficiency of SMT mounters?

Many people are using SMT SMT machine for the first time, because they are not familiar with the operation method of SMT SMT machine and SMT machine system, sometimes the production speed is very slow, so we need to pay atten23 (1) to the production method, then what should we do? Improve the efficiency of SMT mounters? Then let us patiently answer your questions

1, engineers pay more attention to equipment management, including the development of equipment maintenance plans, training maintenance personnel and the implementation of daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance.2. Feeder problems lead to material release, misplacement, feeder maintenance and calibration. Hire a calibration instrument to calibrate the feeder. 3. Organize suppliers of assembly machinery and equipment to conduct retraining or internal training to improve the ability of engineering and technical personnel to reduce faults and improve processing speed

4. Manual cleaning should be carried out at least once every 2 hours to reduce poor print quality and lead to poor shutdown in the case of too high. Therefore, attention should be paid to monitoring once every hour 5, the line body balance ratio must be above 90, and have high speed, medium speed motor efficiency. General-purpose machines may be more efficient than front-end machines so that the board can be cleaned in the event of an anomaly.

6, strictly implement the equipment maintenance plan, make the maintenance feasible, seasonal maintenance and rectification. Reduce equipment failures and downtime due to poor maintenance and perform self-monitoring and performance testing

7. When defining capacity targets, the assembly planner must use a stopwatch to define the actual operation to measure the actual operation. This way problems can be solved in a timely manner, and once the product is finished, reality and theory will not agree.

No matter what kind of machine we use, we must follow certain principles, in the process of using Feeder also need to pay attention to some matters, so as not to cause trouble in the work, so we must pay attention to when the SMT machine is used. Used Feta who should be happy? Let's take a look.

1. When installing the machine feeder, please pay attention to whether the Feida gland is firm, so as not to damage the nozzle. When loading, it is necessary to distinguish between tape and paper tape to avoid bad adsorption.

2. Put the feeder into the SMT patch machine, and pay attention to the fixing of the hook. If there is a tremor after fixation, replace it immediately.

3. If you see Feidar parts scattered on the Z axis of the machine, you should immediately notify the maintenance personnel and start the machine after inspection. If it is a high-speed vehicle, check that the inner cover can be driven in the opposite direction and replace it if possible. In the case of moderate speed, check the nozzle for wear, if worn, then replace it. Avoid unnecessary launches.

4. If you are not currently using the SMT mounter, the Feeder should be fitted with a top cover and then reinstalled to the Feeder storage rack if necessary. In the operation of the pasting machine, the distance is close to manual operation, and the distance is far from the car operation, but the overlapping part of the machine should not exceed 3 to avoid deformation.

4. If the SMT mounter is defective, it should be labeled with a red label and processed by the maintenance personnel to the maintenance department.

5. Do not attach other labels to the machine, and do not attach the cover after use.

7. Important note: If any part of the SMT mounting machine is missing, do not use it.

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