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Five methods to perfectly eliminate SMT machining defects - welding pores
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Five methods to perfectly eliminate SMT machining defects - welding pores

There is a bad processing phenomenon in the SMT OEM processing called welding pores, which is what we often say bubbles. Welding pores are SMT processing must be solved in the process of bad processing phenomenon, do not appear any bad phenomenon to give customers the best SMT patch processing service, the next SMT processing manufacturers electronic for you to share how to avoid patch welding pores.

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1. Bake

Baking circuit boards and patch components exposed to air for a long time may affect the removal of water from the process. 

2. Solder paste

If the solder paste contains moisture, it is also easy to produce undesirable phenomena such as pores and tin beads in the SMT patch processing process. For the solder paste, we need to choose high-quality solder paste, and then for the solder paste return temperature, stirring need to be strictly in accordance with the requirements of electronic processing production, the solder paste exposed to the air time as short as possible, after printing the solder paste, need to timely reflow welding.

3.Planned to monitor the humidity of the workshop, control between 40-60%. 

4. Furnace temperature curve

The furnace temperature test is carried out twice a day to optimize the furnace temperature curve, and the heating rate cannot be too fast. The temperature of the preheating zone should meet the requirements, not too low, so that the flux can be fully volatilized, and the speed of the furnace can not be too fast.

5. Flux

In over-wave soldering, the amount of flux spraying can not be too much, and the spraying is reasonable. Electronic Co., Ltd. specializes in providing PCBA OEM services, including upstream electronic component procurement to PCB production and processing, SMT patches, DIP plug-ins, PCBA testing, finished product assembly and other one-stop services.

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