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high density PCB

Crosstalk is ubiquitous in high speed and high density PCB designs

In PCB wiring, Stripline circuits can show a good balance between inductive and capacitive coupling, and the forward coupling energy is very small.

High Density PCB Circuit Board Technology and Application

High Density PCB Circuit Board Technology and ApplicationHigh-density circuit board technology is a key technology in the field of modern circuit board design and manufacturing. It enables more circuit components to be integrated on the circuit board by i

​Simulation "Softening" of New Challenges in High Speed and High Density PCB Design

PCB assembly and PCB processing manufacturers explain the new challenges faced by high-speed and high-density PCB design through simulation "soft" your design

Development and application of high density circuit board

Printed circuit boards base metal layers on separate wiring layers, so slave connections between layers are essential. In order to achieve the purpose of interlayer connection, it is necessary to use the wrong hole method to form a pathway and make a reli

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