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How LED Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Work

How LED Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) WorkAs the technology of the world continues to evolve, so does the technology in the field of LEDs, and LED Cases is a field that involves combining two technological approaches in order to come up with other methods

PCB Assembly Guidelines

PCB(printed circuit board), are the unsung heroes of modern electronics. Most users have no idea how the components in the electronic devices they know and love work together. But for engineers, OEMs, and designers, there's a lot to know about PCBs, a

The specific steps and composition of printed circuit board (PCB)

The specific steps and composition of printed circuit board (PCB)With the improvement of microelectronics technology and industrial manufacturing level, printed circuit board (PCB) has become the basic unit of all smart devices and systems.

Electromagnetic compatibility in printed circuit board (PCB) development techniques

Electromagnetic compatibility in the design of printed circuit board (PCB) involves many factors, the following mainly from three parts to be elaborated, the specific selection to integrate various factors.

Application of image recognition technology in precision test of printed circuit board

The image recognition technology is applied to the precise measurement of printed circuit boards. The test results show that the system has a high accuracy (0.6μm), which can meet the high precision measurement of printed circuit boards.

The hole of the printed circuit board causes a capacitance of approximately 0.6pf

G Handle the ground wire on the printed circuit board, the power cord and ground wire are the most important. To overcome electromagnetic interference, the most important means is grounding.

The role of printed circuit boards in medical technology

The medical field is one of the most sensitive applications requiring PCBS because it requires precision, reliability, and high quality components. For this reason, medical PCBS are specifically designed to suit specific environments, laboratories, and te

Analysis of copper exposure in the process of hot air leveling printed circuit board

Hot air smoothing is to dip the printed circuit board into the molten solder (63SN/37PB), and then use the hot air to blow off the excess solder on the surface of the printed circuit board and in the metallized hole, to obtain a smooth, uniform and bright

Printed circuit board (PCB) selective welding technology detailed

Compared with the dip welding process, the motion of solder solution and PCB board in the drag welding process makes the thermal conversion efficiency better than that in the dip welding process.

In 2020, the output value of the global printed circuit board will reach $66.1 billion

Local collision occurs in PCB process, and the copper wire is separated from the substrate by external mechanical force. This defect manifests as poor positioning or orientation, falling copper wire will have obvious distortion, or in the same direction o

Rigid deflection of printed circuit board to drill dirt and dent technology

whether it is dry method or wet method, if suitable method is selected according to the characteristics of the main material of the system, the purpose of drilling and etching of rigid torsion interconnection mother plate can be achieved.

PCB design: Analysis of quality problems in electroplating and etching of printed circuit boards

The lines form "copper roots" on both sides after etching, and the copper roots narrow the line spacing, resulting in printed circuit boards that do not meet the requirements of Party A, and may even be rejected.

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