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printed circuit board

Reverse deformation mounting of printed circuit board components

During the installation of the reinforced frame and the PCBA, and the installation of the PCBA and the chassis, directly or forcibly install the warped PCBA or the warped reinforced frame and install the PCBA in the deformed chassis.

printed circuit board wiring

Key signals such as analog small signal, high-speed signal, clock signal and synchronization signal are routed first, and the devices with the most complex connection relationship on the board are routed first.

Recycling of waste printed circuit board non-metallic powder

The base material of printed circuit board is usually glass fiber reinforced phenolic resin or epoxy resin, and various components are welded on it. The composition is very complex, including a variety of metals, which has high resource recovery value.

Recycling technology of epoxy resin in waste printed circuit boards

At present, the technology of metal extraction and recycling in waste printed circuit boards has been relatively mature. However, there is the problem of recycling the large amount of metal that remains after extraction.

Printed circuit board assembly technology

The performance of reflow heating process: (1) good wettability, (2) reduce the formation of solder ball, (3) less solder spatter when reflow temperature rises sharply, the solder paste will appear almost boiling phenomenon, causing solder particle spatte

Explain the importance of electroplating for printed circuit boards

The interconnection of various plates in electronic facilities often requires the use of PCB plug sockets with spring contacts and a matching preset printed circuit board with connected contacts.

What is PCB flux? Purpose of welding printed circuit board

The use of PCB solder solder has become so common that it is most unusual to see that there is no solder for any PCB to resist covering, except for some home built circuits today, and even many prototype boards have solder solder

Steps for making rigid printed circuit boards

Usually does not contain volatile solvent, low temperature fast curing, can meet the requirements of mass production automation, high production efficiency, good product quality, heat resistant curing flux accounts for more than ten energy.

Complete guide to flexible printed circuit boards

Other features are also available, including crimping pins, graphic overlays, laser cut grooves, carved flexible circuits, shields, flexible heaters and stiffeners. With so many possibilities, there is a flexible circuit board to suit every need.

What are turnkey printed circuit board components?

This makes it possible to get a prototype in a matter of days, ship a fully assembled product directly to the customer, and offer a price within minutes. As more innovative products and higher quality products enter the market with fewer barriers to creat

Printed circuit boards in the field of electronic components

In the printing industry, photo platemaking is often used to produce pictures on paper. That is, by taking photos, the picture of the bottom plate, etched on the copper plate or zinc plate, with this copper plate or zinc plate, you can print a lot of pict

Post-epidemic era, how to develop the printed circuit board industry

especially since The State Council issued Several Policies to Promote the High Quality Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry and Software Industry in the New Era this year, the integrated circuit industry has become a new industry tuyere.

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