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PCB proofing

Precautions for PCBA circuit board DIP plug-in processing

PCB DIP plug-in processing is a very important process in PCBA chip processing, and its processing quality directly affects the functional properties of , so it is necessary to pay more attention to the DIP plug-in process.

What are the benefits of choosing the gold sinking process for PCB proofing?

The copper on the circuit board is mainly copper, copper solder joints are easy to be oxidized in the air, which will cause electrical conductivity, that is, poor tin eating or poor contact, reducing the performance of the circuit board, then you need to

What inspection must be done after pcb proofing

When the proofing is completed, we should carefully check to see if there are some problems in it. We must have a very appropriate check for the specific situation in advance and consider it in a targeted way. After these aspects, we can harvest better re

Why do automation manufacturers will pcb proofing

Compared with traditional electronic circuit board, it not only shortens the production cycle of a single circuit board, but also has greater advantages in production cost and quality.

Consideration of power signal Integrity in PCB proofing design

In the high-speed design, we must consider the capacitance of the parasitic parameters, quantitative calculation of the number of decoupling capacitors and the capacity of each capacitor and the specific position of the placement, to ensure that the imped

PCB proofing industry reshuffle is nonsense small factory break through to quality is king

Returning to the PCB proofing market, price is the first indicator for customers to choose products, but in the future, with the gradual standardization of PCB industry standards, it will be difficult to attract repeat customers by relying on low price an

Ningbo pcb proofing factory

It is made of materials, generally using epoxy glass cloth coated copper foil plate to make, its main performance requirements have very high communication electronics, the production process is very, the process generally includes plugging method, proces

PCB proofing factory services

Fanyi has a series of features such as independent PCB online ordering, CRM management system, online self-quotation, self-ordering, online payment, online query of production schedule, express tracking and so on. Fanyi PCB proofing is a possible choice!

What are the precautions for PCB proofing?

The closed physical border is a basic platform for future component layout and wiring, and also a constraint on automatic layout. Corner place best use arc, on the one hand can avoid sharp Angle scratch workers, but also can reduce the stress effect.

Keyou circuit ERP order process pcb proofing

Keyou circuit is a professional production of high precision double-sided multilayer circuit board, module gold circuit board, car circuit board, car charging circuit board, traffic recorder,COB power supply, computer motherboard, medical circuit board, m

Select appropriate tools for expedited PCB PCB proofing

One of the many steps that can make a PCB design a success is choosing the right tools. While it may be possible that no single tool will meet all your needs, you must do some research beforehand and try to find the best product for your needs.

PCB proofing design cloth pass rate and design efficiency skills

To provide you with effective skills to improve PCB design spread rate and design efficiency: 1, determine the number of PCB layers, 2, design rules and restrictions, 3, component layout, 4, fan out design, 5, manual wiring and key signal processing, 6, a

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