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Ningbo pcb proofing factory
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Ningbo pcb proofing factory

(1) Manual manufacturing process of printed circuit board A basic process of manual manufacturing of PCB is the transfer of the designed PCB to the copper clad plate. The simple and effective method, etching, uses a protective anti-corrosion material to form a pattern on the copper-covered plate. Unwanted copper foil is removed with chemical corrosion. At the end of the corrosion, the resist layer is washed away so that the pattern can be seen.

(2) Factory production process of printed circuit boards Factory production of printed circuit boards need to go through complicated processes. In the production process, each technology has a clear operation method, in addition to the production of negatives, hole metallization and graphic plating etching is the key to production. Printed circuit original base map production method: for printed circuit board, what method is the best to meet the quality requirements of 1: There are two sources of original negatives: one is to make a photographic base and get the original negatives after taking photos; the other is to draw the original negatives directly by using computer system and optical drawing machine. PCB printing and etching and process: There are two general methods for making the mask graphics of corrosion resistance or electroplating: Screen leakage and photosensitive dry film method. Screen leakage method is generally used for single or double sided PCB production with large batch and low single precision, which is convenient for automation. The photosensitive dry film method is mainly to improve the production efficiency, simplify the process and improve the quality of the plate.


As a domestic circuit board proofing and processing enterprise, Fanyi pcb is a good manufacturer with good management, automatic ERP ordering system, Internet experience that can query consumption progress online, and good corporate culture inheritance. Circuit board supply: standard process, *1,2 layer circuit board production. pcb proofing price, two layers of 400 yuan/square meter; pcb proofing delivery time fast delivery.

Our company can provide short delivery time, 1,2 layer circuit board proofing, pcb proofing, the best quality.

Ordinary 2-layer circuit board template: 100 yuan/piece, delivery time: 5 working days. Can be pieced plate, no limit solder, character. There is no minimum order size.

1,2 layer circuit board preferential policy:

1. Customers who purchase one or two layers of circuit boards on a daily basis (according to the order order time), after the quotation is confirmed, the standard process (

Two-layer plate, plate thickness: 1.6, process, spray tin, solder resistance ink: green, single-side character, character ink: white, line width/line distance: greater than or equal to 5mil.)

, the starting fee will be reduced by 50.00 yuan. For example, the original starting fee will be 100.00 yuan, but it will be 50.00 yuan after the discount (online self-service order).

2. If the customer gives feedback on the broken board after delivery, the factory will redo the board unconditionally after testing, and the freight incurred by the factory shall be borne by the factory.

3. 1,2 layer circuit board products, under the same quality, if our price is better than other manufacturers, refund the price difference, and reward 10% of the difference as a reward. (Just provide the other party's quotation and information.) Double-sided is actually a very important PCB board used in the circuit board, the application demand in the market is very large, it is suitable for a wide range of industries. Such a circuit board has a very wide range of applications and can be used in many fields, which can be used in computers, telecommunications, industrial control, digital products and instruments, as well as aviation defense and other fields have good applications. It is made of materials, generally using epoxy glass cloth coated copper foil plate to make, its main performance requirements have very high communication electronics, the production process is very, the process generally includes plugging method, process wire method and graphic plating and so on.

Double-sided pcb proofing is a common process, which can also be applied to double panels. It has good appearance and stable quality. There will be many different parameter requirements during production, including process, copper thickness, material and aperture. Such a circuit board has many kinds of classification, according to different use characteristics can be included in double-sided PCB board and PCB proofing and so on, according to different application performance can be divided into single and double-sided pcb proofing and four-layer PCB proofing and so on type, different classification will make the use performance will be different.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.