Professional PCB manufacturing and assembly
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PCB manufacturing process

PCB manufacturing process for welding pad requirements

The center of gravity of the entire board should be close to the geometric center of the PCB. The center of gravity should not be allowed to drift to the edge of the board (1/4 area).

Analysis of the causes of pcb board anomalies such as white spots, microcracks, bubbles and delamination in PCB manufacturing process

Image of local separation caused by local expansion between layers of substrate or between substrate and conductive foil or between substrate and protective coating.

5 important stages of PCB manufacturing process

This article will effectively take you through the stages of the printed circuit board design process, but will focus more on the etching and stripping process of the board.

What are the precision requirements of PCB manufacturing process?

If the design rules do not meet the requirements of PCB manufacturing process, it will not only affect the function of the product so simple, even can not process can not realize the design intention of the engineer.

PCB manufacturing process

Before PCBS, circuits were made up of point-to-point wiring. The reliability of this method is very low, because as the circuit ages, the rupture of the line will cause the line node to break or short.

The Change of Substrate Size in PCB Manufacturing Process

PCB manufacturing, PCB design and PCBA processing manufacturers explain the change of PCB size during PCB manufacturing

PCB copy strategy: detailed explanation on how to ensure PCB copy quality

Circuit board manufacturers and circuit board designers explain how to ensure the quality of PCB copy

10 precautions for selecting PCB gongs and knives

The circuit board manufacturer and circuit board design manufacturer explain 10 precautions you have to see when selecting PCB gongs and knives

Cause Analysis of PCBA Assembly Explosion

Cause Analysis and Prevention of PCB Explosion in PCBA Assembly -- PCB Required by CTI Parameters

PCB process PCB printing process flow

Circuit board manufacturers and circuit board designers explain the process flow of circuit board printing

What are the steps in the rigid-flex PCB manufacturing process?

The rigid-flex PCB manufacturing process involves multiple steps including substrate preparation, circuit pattern generation, overlays, cutting flex, electrical testing, and verification.

Multilayer PCB Manufacturing Process Guidelines

With the current increase in PCBA capabilities and smaller sizes, you can assume that single-layer boards are effectively obsolete. In fact, these boards are used in many common products such as printers, digital cameras, calculators, stereos, and some po

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