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PCB wiring

Smart driver can reduce the number of PCB wiring

The ADP5520 consists of an asynchronous boost converter, a programmable ambient light management circuit, a state machine, and a configurable port extender that can further save system resources.

Anti-interference design in PCB wiring

In the design of PCB routing, the input and output wires should avoid crossing as far as possible, and the feedback coupling can be avoided by adding capacitance between the wires.

The points for attention of PCB copying software Protel in PCB wiring are analyzed

When multiple different boards are drawn in one file and want to split the delivery, please draw a border for each board in layer Mech1 with a space of 100mil between the boards.

Guidelines for best RF PCBS: High speed and RF PCB wiring

Shielding helps prevent interference from entering or exiting the board and affecting the signal integrity of the components on the RF PCB board. Shielding also prevents unwanted signals from interfering with nearby circuits and causing crosstalk between

The circuit is also the road to understand the PCB wiring

When you don't have a concept of PCB design, just think about our daily road, the two are exactly the same.

There are seven aspects of PCB wiring that need to be paid attention to

The PCB of digital circuit can be composed of a wide ground wire circuit, that is, to form a ground network to use (the ground of analog circuit can not be used in this way) with a large area of copper layer as ground, in the printed board is not used to

pcb Wiring Principles Share tips for PCB power wiring

It can be said that pcb routing is the most important and time-consuming process in the entire PCB design. Here we share some pcb routing principles.

What are the tips for PCB wiring?

Almost all PCB design software includes a tool called an autocabler, but the autocabler never does the wiring for itself.

Precautions for high-speed PCB wiring

The high-speed digital signal is determined by the edge speed of the signal. It is generally believed that the rise time is less than 4 times the signal transmission delay can be regarded as high-speed signal.

How to reduce high frequency PCB wiring crosstalk problem?

When designing and wiring PCB, it is required to do as much as possible:1. If the wiring space permits, insert a ground wire or ground plane between the two lines with serious crosstalk, which can isolate and reduce crosstalk. 2. When electromagnetic fiel

How can PCB wiring become better

How to improve PCB wiring level: 1, common ground processing of digital circuit and analog circuit, 2, signal wiring on the electrical (ground) layer, 3, connection leg processing in large area conductor, 4, role of network system in wiring, 5, power supp

Some controversial rules of thumb for PCB wiring that electronics engineers must know

Common rules of thumb, vertical wiring, heat dissipation hole, right Angle wiring, "3W" rule, "20H" rule are used in PCB wiring.

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