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PCB wiring

pcb Wiring Principles Share tips for PCB power wiring

It can be said that pcb routing is the most important and time-consuming process in the entire PCB design. Here we share some pcb routing principles.

What are the tips for PCB wiring?

Almost all PCB design software includes a tool called an autocabler, but the autocabler never does the wiring for itself.

Precautions for high-speed PCB wiring

The high-speed digital signal is determined by the edge speed of the signal. It is generally believed that the rise time is less than 4 times the signal transmission delay can be regarded as high-speed signal.

How to reduce high frequency PCB wiring crosstalk problem?

When designing and wiring PCB, it is required to do as much as possible:1. If the wiring space permits, insert a ground wire or ground plane between the two lines with serious crosstalk, which can isolate and reduce crosstalk. 2. When electromagnetic fiel

How can PCB wiring become better

How to improve PCB wiring level: 1, common ground processing of digital circuit and analog circuit, 2, signal wiring on the electrical (ground) layer, 3, connection leg processing in large area conductor, 4, role of network system in wiring, 5, power supp

Some controversial rules of thumb for PCB wiring that electronics engineers must know

Common rules of thumb, vertical wiring, heat dissipation hole, right Angle wiring, "3W" rule, "20H" rule are used in PCB wiring.

Design of high frequency PCB wiring

PCB is also known as the Printed Circuit Board (Printed Circuit Board), it can realize the circuit connection between electronic components and function realization, is also an important part of the power supply circuit design.

What are the rules for PCB wiring? Golden Rule of PCB Routing -- Subroutine Electronics

Mainly undertake multi-layer, high density PCB design drawing board and circuit board design proofing business. Next, I will share with you the golden rules of PCB wiring.

How to design holes in PCB wiring?

From the point of view of function, the hole can be divided into two categories: one is used as an electrical connection between the layers; The second is used for fixing or positioning devices. If from the process, through the hole is generally divided i

Amplifier PCB wiring skills

A common problem is that the circuit schematic is correct, but it doesn't work, or only operates at low performance. I'll show you how to properly lay out the circuit board of an op-amp to ensure its functionality, performance, and robustness.

PCB wiring

Grounding should be added when necessary, two adjacent layers of wiring should be vertical to each other, parallel easy to produce parasitic coupling.

What are the key points of PCB wiring for surge prevention?

General engineers only consider the design of system functionality when designing, but it is possible that the system needs surge design, and the transient surge current should reach 3KA.

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