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PCB component

Optimal layout of LED switching power supply with PCB components

Finally, when carrying out the PCB component layout of the LED switching power supply, it is recommended that engineers arrange the position of each functional circuit unit according to the circuit process, such a layout can make the signal flow more effe

General principles of PCB component wiring

General principles of PCB component wiringThe general principles that designers need to follow during board layout are as follows.(1) The principle of setting the spacing of printed traces of components. Spacing constraints between different nets are dete

Dynamic analysis of PCB components in avionics

At the same time, because the stiffness of the electronic housing is much greater than that of the PCB component, the finite element model imposes a fixed support constraint on the screw holes at four corners to simulate the screw connection between the P

How to complete PCB component layout in LED switching power supply design?

Whether the size of the printed board is consistent with the size of the processing drawings, whether it meets the requirements of the PCB manufacturing process, and whether there is a behavior mark.

Your PCB component guide

Once they feel it, they respond with an electrical signal consistent with the charge they detect. The signal is transmitted to other PCB components. Sensors in PCBS work by converting physical energy into electrical energy.

Wiring arrangement between PCB components

The snake line on PCI board is to adapt to the line length requirements of PCI 33MHzClock. If in the general ordinary PCB board, is a distributed parameter LC filter, can also be used as a radio antenna inductor coil, short and narrow snake wire can do fu

How do electronic engineers place PCB components?

The fact that there are few restrictions on where components can be placed and no "infallible" rules doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.

Recycle PCB components for other purposes

One of the important criteria for determining the requirements for recycling components is to know how to place components on the next board. One of the final standards is the type of component packaging required.

How to increase the output of PCB components

This is because the pad will likely be rectangular, which means that the average PCB assembler will consider applying the paste in this shape as optimal.

Engineers share the reason of PCBA and PCB component warping

The circuit board processing factory explained that the engineers shared the causes of PCBA and PCB component warpage, and the solutions to PCB and PCBA warpage.

Precautions for PCB component to edge clearance in PCB design

The circuit board manufacturer will explain the precautions for PCB component to edge clearance in circuit board design

PCB component placement error and placement defect detection

The circuit board assembly and the circuit board processing manufacturer explain the component placement error and the component placement defect detection method

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