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How to reduce high frequency PCB wiring crosstalk problem?
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How to reduce high frequency PCB wiring crosstalk problem?

When it comes to high frequency circuit wiring, the problem of high frequency signal crosstalk is a headache for PCB engineers. Shenzhen kingford is a professional engaged in electronic products PCB design (layout layout design) design company, next to introduce how to reduce high frequency PCB circuit wiring crosstalk problem.

Methods to reduce the crosstalk problem of high frequency PCB circuit wiring

Since the high-frequency signal is transmitted along the transmission line in the form of electromagnetic wave, the signal line will play the role of antenna, and the energy of electromagnetic field will be emitted around the transmission line. The unwanted noise signal generated between signals due to the mutual coupling of electromagnetic field is called crosstalk. In order to reduce the crosstalk of high-frequency signals, it is required to do as much as possible in the PCB design and wiring:

1. If the wiring space allows, insert a ground wire or ground plane between the two lines with more serious crosstalk, which can play the role of isolation and reduce crosstalk.

2. When electromagnetic fields exist in the space around the signal line, if parallel distribution cannot be avoided, a large area of "ground" can be arranged on the opposite side of the parallel signal line to greatly reduce interference.

3. If the wiring space permits, increase the spacing between adjacent signal lines, reduce the parallel length of signal lines, and try to make the clock line perpendicular to the key signal line.

4. If parallel cabling within the same floor is almost unavoidable, the direction of the two adjacent floors must be perpendicular to each other.

5. In PCB design, the clock line should be surrounded by the ground line and more ground holes should be made to reduce the distributed capacitance, thus reducing crosstalk.

6, high frequency signal clock try to use low voltage differential clock signal and packet mode.

7. Do not suspend the idle input terminal, but ground it or connect it to the power supply, because the suspended line may be equivalent to the transmitting antenna, grounding can inhibit the emission.

2. How does the SMT factory solve the problem of component shortage?

Even the best supply chain managers cannot completely insulate their PCBA processing operations from the impact of the current global shortage of electronic components. The simple fact is that there aren't enough components to go around, which means someone will have to give up their less urgent needs. More broadly, longer delivery times, missed deliveries and higher prices are inevitable. However, measures could be taken to minimize the problems caused by shortages.

PCBA board

Five suggestions for solving the current component shortage problem

1. Expand the breadth and depth of cooperation with component suppliers

It sounds obvious, but in these difficult times, the priority is to find a vendor that has the components you need. Only in this way can negotiations begin on delivery time and price. Finding suppliers can be time-consuming, of course, but the way we do it is by building a team of professional procurement engineers who work full-time with suppliers around the world to procure hard-to-find components. In this way, the difficulties of customers can be digested in advance, and the efficiency of SMT patch processing and customer satisfaction can be increased.

2. Order ahead of time

In the current situation, there is no place for tentative or conditional orders. Orders need to be placed well in advance of request - up to a year if possible - and there is no cancellation option. This may seem restrictive and will certainly require careful planning, but it is the only way to get a reasonably certain supply.

3. Manage priorities

It is unlikely that you will always get all the components you want. Therefore, it is important to carefully analyze and prioritize SMT patch requirements so that resources and effort can be focused on meeting priority project requirements ahead of time.

4. Reduce component loss

Review and refine work specifications more carefully than usual, especially when placing orders. Mistakes are easy to make, but in the current environment, correcting them can be costly, even if many materials become difficult to replace once worn out or prolong life. Therefore, we should pay special attention to quantity, delivery date and material number when producing online.

5. Respect suppliers

These are tough times for everyone associated with the SMT industry, and it's easy to understand why tempers can get a little frayed. But acting in a way that is disrespectful to suppliers is unlikely to encourage their support and could damage potentially useful relationships in the future.

Shenzhen kingford PCB design capability

Maximum signal design rate: 10Gbps CML differential signal;

Maximum number of PCB design layers: 40;

Minimum line width: 2.4mil;

Minimum line spacing: 2.4mil;

Minimum BGA PIN spacing: 0.4mm;

Minimum mechanical hole diameter: 6mil;

Minimum laser drilling diameter: 4mil;

Maximum number of pins:; 63000 +

Maximum number of components: 3600;

Maximum number of BGA: 48+.

PCB design service process

1. The customer provides schematic diagram to consult PCB design;

2. Evaluate quotation according to schematic diagram and customer design requirements;

3. The customer confirms the quotation, signs the contract and pays the project deposit;

4. Received advance payment and arranged engineer design;

5. After the design is completed, provide the screenshot of the document to the customer for confirmation;

6. The customer confirmed OK, settled the balance, and provided PCB design materials.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.