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SMT process

PCBA processing and SMT processing difference

PCBA processing and SMT processing differenceThe whole process of PCBA processing actually includes SMT patch processing. SMT patch processing is only part of the PCBA process, which literally means a wider range of processes

What are the advantages of SMT SMT processing for electronic products?

The following are four ways to ensure the quality of PCBA processing: 1. Quality control, 2. Inspection and testing, 3. Use high quality raw materials: 4. Professional technical team

How can SMT factories improve the efficiency of SMT processing?

Ways to improve SMT machining efficiency: (1) Aim for fewer component changes, (2) Focus more on PCBA assembly, (3) You should know every step of the SMT process

SMT processing core and key points

Core and key points of SMT process: The goal of SMT process is to produce qualified solder joints. A good solder joint depends on the right pad design, the right amount of solder paste and the right reflow temperature curve

Why is smt processing cost likely to rise? The six most commonly lost data in PCBA inquiries?

Here are some possible reasons for potential growth: 1. PCB solder resistance details; 2. Surface treatment; 3. Screen printing; 4. Impedance details: 5

Precautions for packaging inspection after SMT processing

Classification of PCBA inspection items: inspection items are divided into four categories: material inspection, process inspection, identification inspection and quality consistency inspection

What is the function of AOI and SPI in SMT processing?

PCBA proofing processing common production procedures :1. Repair: 2. Mounting: 3. Testing: 4. Curing: 5. Cleaning: 6. Solder paste printing: 7. Reflow welding: 8. dispensing

What are the most important procedures and processes for customer assessment of SMT process?

In terms of the overall process capability of SMT today, the solder paste printing ability is the worst. Because the solder paste printing more or less or the printing offset are related to the quality of the solder behind, it is the most need to be speci

SMT process incoming material inspection

In the SMT process of the PCB manufacturer, the solder paste printing, the operation of the SMT machine, and the welding of the reflow welding furnace should be listed as the key processes.

Detailed SMT SMT process requirements

The rapid development and popularization of SMT processing has played a unique role in promoting the development of modern information industry.

Causes and solutions of poor wetting in SMT processing plants.

The main reasons for poor wetting are: 1, the surface of the welding area is polluted, 2, when the residual metal in the solder exceeds 0.005%, the activity of the flux is reduced, 3, wave soldering, there is gas on the surface of the substrate,

SMT process 17 requirements for component layout design

Component layout shall be designed according to SMT electronic processing production equipment and process characteristics and requirements. Different processes, such as reflow welding and wave soldering, have different layouts for components.

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