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SMT Small Batch SMT Processing Plant Before The Material Work
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SMT Small Batch SMT Processing Plant Before The Material Work

SMT Small Batch SMT Processing Plant Before The Material Work

The material work before the SMT plant is very important. Material is the premise of SMT small batch SMT processing products. The preparation of production materials directly determines the feasibility of patch processing. Qualified materials can achieve the purpose of product manufacturing through the SMT production line under the premise of ensuring the quantity. Material is a professional term in the field of production in our country. Production enterprises are accustomed to dealing with all the materials (whether from means of production or means of subsistence) that must be produced in the production process, fuels, spare parts, semi-finished products, purchased parts and residues, with the exception of final products, which circulate in the production field. Waste and all kinds of waste are collectively referred to as materials.

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The quality of production materials directly affects the quality of products. Therefore, before the production of products, the production materials must be inspected according to the inspection standards and inspection process documents to achieve the purpose of ensuring product production and quality. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the normal supply of materials to ensure the production of products. Production materials include: product materials, process materials, production auxiliary materials, packaging materials, etc.

Product materials and PCB (printed circuit board). The product material is the basic material that constitutes the product and is directly assembled on the PCB to form the product. Preparation of product materials includes material collection, storage, storage, dosing, distribution, loss reporting and making up for discrepancies. In order to ensure the quality and yield of the product, the preparation of the product material must not only be done in advance, but also very important.

PCB preparation: verify the variety, specifications, code, board number, quantity, packaging, expiration date. Store and bake as needed. Batching and distribution according to the production plan, while providing 1 printed circuit board to the process and quality department in order to prepare the assembly materials: verify the variety, specifications, code, board number, quantity, packaging and expiration date. Sort and save as needed.

Proportioning and distribution according to production plan. Among them, special materials such as integrated circuits should be stored in anti-static drying cabinets, and special integrated circuits such as BGA should be baked before being placed, and distributed according to the output of SMT processing production shifts. After the materials and other parts are out of the warehouse, records of the access and receipt of the materials shall be kept, and the main parts shall be properly stored.

PCBA Processing Advantages

Highly professional: The company focuses on processing samples, small and medium-sized batches, and promises to deliver the materials within 3-5 working days after confirmation. Professional equipment: The company's equipment is tailored for the template and small and medium-sized mass production of advanced equipment, can be posted 0201, BGA spacing 0.3MM, QFN, CSP, CON and other components.

Professional technology: 100% of technical backbone more than 5 years of work experience, 85% of front-line operators more than 3 years of work experience. 

The company implements the 5S and 6σ concept in daily operations to expect at least 7 checks on shipments. If the quantity reaches 100PCS, our company promises to pass AOI optical inspection.

The company promises that the welding pass rate is more than 99%, if the customer finds welding defects, the company promises to repair for free.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.