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4 Ways To Distinguish PCB Quality?
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4 Ways To Distinguish PCB Quality?

4 Ways To Distinguish PCB Quality?

The quality of PCB is directly related to the quality of PCBA products, there are many PCB board factories on the market, the price is high and low, if you want to distinguish which PCB quality is good? Next, Shenzhen Kingford Technology Co., Ltd., a professional PCB board factory, gives you a brief introduction.

Simple 4 Tips To Distinguish PCB Quality

First, look at the PCB ink, a good plate factory will choose a big brand of ink, pay more attention to the printing and baking process, so the gloss of the ink will be better.

For high-quality plates, the ink thickness is relatively thick. According to IPC standards, the ink needs to reach 20um, which we cannot measure without tools, but can usually be distinguished by the naked eye. 

Look At The PCB Silk Screen Text

High quality PCB screen printing is very clear and three-dimensional. Even under the magnifying glass can not see the raw edge, especially some small font screen printing

If it is a tin spray plate, check whether the tin spray is smooth and the IC pin position is neat;

If it is a gold plate, it depends on whether the gold surface is bright, dark yellow or light yellow. The more yellow the surface of gold, the better the gold-plating process, because it is related to the treatment of nickel plating process and the thickness of gold. Fourth, check whether the BGA pad is full and round

When a good plate factory deals with BGA, the first engineer will be very careful in optimizing the pad. Secondly, the BGA pads made by good equipment and experienced workers can be well exposed and aligned. In addition to the above four points, there are some other small details that can be identified, such as the flatness of the V-cut, the color of the plate, the packaging material, and so on.


Although these details do not 100% indicate that the quality must be good, but if the board factory can control these details in place, it is enough to show that they attach importance to quality and strict quality management.

Shenzhen Kingford Technology Co., Ltd. is a circuit board manufacturer specializing in printed circuit board manufacturing, 20 years of focus on single, double sided, multi-layer circuit board production. Can provide impedance board, HDI board, blind hole board and other multi-layer PCB board proofing, small batch production business. 

Patch Resistance

Resistance is an electronic component with resistance characteristics, which is widely used in SMT chip processing. Resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors (potentiometers), which play the role of voltage balancing, shunt and current limiting in the circuit. 

Chip Capacitor

Capacitors are also one of the basic components of SMT processing. It is a storage unit for electrical energy. It plays the role of coupling, filtering, DC and tuning in electronic circuits. 

Induction Coil

That is what we often call inductance, which can store magnetic energy. The inductor in SMT chip processing is usually composed of frame, winding, shield, iron core, etc. The resistance of the potentiometer can be changed. In the SMT process, the resistance needs to be continuously adjusted within a specified range, which is called a potentiometer. The potentiometer is composed of a shell, a sliding end, a rotating shaft, a ring resistor and three lead ends. 


The transformer is generally composed of an iron core and a coil, which has two or more windings, of which the winding connected to the power supply is called a primary coil, and the rest is called a secondary coil. When there is an AC current in the primary coil, an AC flux is generated in the magnetic core to induce voltage in the secondary coil. Transformers are mainly used for AC voltage conversion, current conversion, power conversion, impedance conversion and buffer isolation. 

Crystal Diode

The crystal diode is composed of a PN junction, an electrode lead and an additional sealed enclosure, and has unidirectional conductivity. 

Field effect transistor This diode is also a PN junction semiconductor device. Unlike transistors, in chips machined by SMT, it does not utilize the electrical conductivity of the PN junction, but its insulating properties.

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