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PCB processing

PCB processing process

PCB processing processCircuit design skills PCB design process The general PCB basic design process is as follows: preliminary preparation -> PCB structure design -> PCB layout -> wiring -> wiring optimization and silk screen -> network and DRC inspection

Factors that affect the price change of PCB processing

At present, PCB board manufacturers generally adjust PCB prices according to different payment methods, with a range of 5%-10%, which also causes the difference in price.

Etching quality and advanced problem analysis of PCB processing

A tin or lead tin resist covering the top of the line extends to both sides, forming a "rim" that covers a small portion of the sensitive film underneath the "rim".

PCB processing smt flow chart

In the era of industrialization surplus, circuit board manufacturers in particular, choose a suitable circuit board manufacturers is very important!

PCBA/ PCB processing patch services

PCB board making fee, material fee, SMT welding fee, steel mesh fee, PCBA fixture, PCBA test frame and packaging and transportation fee.

How to deal with the problem of "overhole cover oil" and "overhole opening window" in PCB processing?

pad according to pad, this is the plug-in hole, via you have two choices, if you provide the original file, you can choose when placing the order, if you provide the gerber file, please check whether the gerber file meets your requirements!

Must know PCB processing plant 8 kinds of detection technology

With the development of miniaturization of electronic products and high-density assembly of circuit board components, SMT production and testing have brought great challenges.

Environmental protection of waste PCB processing process

Waste PCB board environmental protection recycling line is not only in each production link, each process in strict requirements, even every detail carefully pondering.

How to ensure the quality of PCB processing

How to ensure the quality of PCB processing: one: pressure (patch height) - patch pressure (height) should be appropriate, two: correct components - required assembly position number, three: accurate position - the end or pin of the components and pad gra

Common bad problems and solutions in PCB processing

The small circuit material on the surface of PCB board is copper foil. Originally, copper foil is covered on the whole board, but in the manufacturing process, the middle part is etched away, and the remaining part becomes a network of small lines.

Some peculiar PCB processing technology

After years of development, the PCB industry has also extensively upgraded its processes and capabilities. Some PCBS that were previously considered exotic will soon be considered routine.

Five requirements for PCB processing

The size of PCB is limited by the capability of the equipment in the electronic processing line, therefore, the appropriate size of PCB should be considered in the design of the product system scheme.

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