Kingford focus on the high-quality PCBA order demand of "Multiple varieties, medium and small batch, and short lead time".


PCB industry reshuffle accelerates

Most of the existing sites of manufacturers are small, and the investment amount is also relatively large, so that many small and medium-sized PCB enterprises to introduce robots to complete the automation hope and stop.

The accelerated development of PCB industry

No matter how developed the market is, PCBS are the most frequently used demand in production and an integral part of the electronics industry.

The circuit board on which the PCB is based

The next stage is product implementation. At this stage, product documentation is collected and compiled, including all manuals, catalogs, and related product documentation.

Brief discussion on several important technical properties of PCB ink

PCB ink quality is excellent, in principle can not be separated from the combination of the above major components. Ink quality is excellent, is the formula of science, advanced and environmental protection of the comprehensive embodiment.

The basic method to minimize RF effect in PCB interconnect design

This paper introduces various techniques of the three types of interconnect design, including device installation methods, wiring isolation and measures to reduce lead inductance.

Current situation of pcb industry

communication backplane, automotive board and other fields is relatively slow, while the HDI board, packaging board and soft board applied in high-end mobile phones, laptops and other "thin and short" electronic products will maintain rapid grow...

PCB Introduction to printed circuit boards

In this way, the printed circuit or printed circuit of the finished board called printed circuit board, also known as printed board or printed circuit board.

Brief discussion on several important technical properties of PCB ink

It is a short name for dynamicviscosity. The viscosity is generally expressed in terms of the shear stress of the fluid flow divided by the velocity gradient in the direction of the flow layer in international units of Pa/s (Pa). S) or millipa/second (mPa

The harm of finger contact PCB is briefly introduced

Therefore, staff should develop the habit of wearing gloves, which can reduce the harm of direct contact with pcb board. The following is a brief introduction of a hand printing will lead to bad pcb board reasons, hazards, and how to avoid.

PCB industry shift?

While many orders are flowing into Southeast Asia because of the pandemic, they are also facing the impact of the pandemic, high inflation, volatile energy and food markets, and internal developments in some ASEAN countries are also at the core of domesti

Pcb inhibits reflection interference

The value of the matching resistance should be determined by the maximum value of the output drive current and the absorption current of the integrated circuit.

The development of new energy vehicles drives the demand of automotive PCB industry

he two most important development directions are new energy vehicles and autonomous driving system, among which the two major demand growth factors of domestic vehicle PCB are new energy vehicle power system and ADAS system.

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