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Kingford to Explore The Impact Of Automotive Electronics On PCB Industry

As cars become more intelligent and electrified, automakers are increasing their demand for the quantity and precision of electronic components.

High Frequency PCB Interference Problems And Solutions

In the high-frequency circuit, the noise of the power supply has an obvious effect on the high-frequency signal. Therefore, the first requirement is that the power supply is low noise.

In the next ten years, China's PCB instrument and equipment will usher in a golden development period

As long as the performance and quality of domestic PCB instruments and equipment are similar, with the advantages of the local environment such as cost performance and after-sales service, to establish a national brand, domestic instruments and equipment

In 2015, the growth trend of the world PCB industry slowed down

IPC's monthly PCB industry statistics are derived from data regularly provided by a representative sample of rigid and flexible PCB manufacturers in the United States and Canada. IPC will issue monthly PCB book-to-bill ratio and PCB statistics project rep

2021 PCB ink market insight analysis and forecast

Market segmentation is as follows: By region/country North America (US, Canada, Mexico) Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, etc.) Asia-Pacific Region (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.) South America (Brazil, Argentina, etc.) Middle

PCB industry chain

PCB industry chain1. Introduction to PCBPrinted circuit board (referred to as PCB) is a finished board with insulating substrate and conductor as the material, designed and made of printed circuit, printed component or a combination of the two according t

Basic principles of PCB inner layer division

Basic principles of PCB inner layer divisionAfter completing the division of the inner electrical layer, this section introduces several issues that need to be paid attention to when dividing the inner electrical layer.(1) When drawing the boundaries of d

PCB inner layer design

PCB inner layer designA very important advantage of multi-layer boards over ordinary double-layer boards and single-layer boards is that signal lines and power supplies can be distributed on different board layers to improve signal isolation and anti-inte

The role of metal core PCB in the Led industry

The role of metal core PCB in the Led industryIn today's technological age, the demand for lamps and lighting systems is on the rise. In addition, there are many LED products that are becoming more and more common in the lighting industry. In the past ten

Application of Sequid TDR to PCB impedance testing in Internet of Things devices

The impedance test template can automatically generate a custom impedance template that changes with time according to the circuit characteristics on PCB, as shown in Figure 5. In this way, the special PCB wiring can be accurately judged and detected, suc

Three application cases of industrial robots in PCB industry

The PCB designer can automatically change the relevant constraints by simply updating the process characteristic parameters. The PCB designer can then run the DRC(PCB Design Rule Check) to determine if the new process violates any other PCB design rules a

The automotive PCB industry, the "skeleton" of intelligent vehicles, is rising rapidly

In terms of land concessions, tax incentives, free recruitment and other aspects, the enterprises in the east have a great attraction, and the "flowering" momentum of PCB industry in the west appears.

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