Kingford focus on the high-quality PCBA order demand of "Multiple varieties, medium and small batch, and short lead time".

PCB component layout

Explore the relevant rules of PCB component layout

Understand PCB design, PCB assembly and PCB layout in PCB related industries, and Explore the relevant rules of PCB component layout

How fast and good is PCB component layout?

This paper mainly introduces how to make PCB components layout fast and good

Basic principles and precautions of circuit board design

The circuit board manufacturer and circuit board designer explain the basic principles of circuit board design

Let's see how fast and good the PCB component layout is?

Relevant knowledge of PCB industry and let's see how fast and good PCB component layout and PCB wiring can be。

What are the precautions for PCB component layout?

Kingford is a PCB company engaged in the production and assembly of circuit boards. We not only sell PCBA, but also have many strategies related to PCB design and PCB proofing. Next, let me introduce you to some matters related to PCB.

PCB component layout inspection rules and substrate design principles

In this article, the inspection rules of PCB component layout and the design principles of PCB are mainly introduced.

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