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DIP plug-in processing

Precautions for PCBA circuit board DIP plug-in processing

PCB DIP plug-in processing is a very important process in PCBA chip processing, and its processing quality directly affects the functional properties of , so it is necessary to pay more attention to the DIP plug-in process.

SMT patch processing BOM list arrangement precautions

Since the BOM list provided by the customer is not perfect, the general SMT patch processing plant needs to be converted into the form of internal company files for issuance

DIP plug-in processing necessary welding process

The function of this stage is to clean the welded interface of the weldment, and clean the oxide film and attached dirt on the interface.

Significance and precautions of DIP plug-in processing

Significance and precautions of DIP plug-in processingWith the rapid development of SMT processing technology, SMT patch processing has gradually replaced DIP insertion processing. However, due to the oversize of some electronic components in PCBA product

PCB DIP plug-in processing notes

In PCB proofing, the copper foil part is pre-coated with a layer of lead tin anticorrosive layer, which remains in the outer layer of the board, that is, the graphic part of the circuit, and then the rest of the copper foil is chemically etched, known as

PCBA processing requirements for plug-in hole design and the DIP plug-in processing process of the patch factory

The processing of plug-in components generally adopts wave soldering. Because the wave soldering time is very short, if the jack is connected to more ground/electric layers, the tin penetration will be poor, resulting in poor welding.

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