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PCB circuit

Circuit board ROHS test, pcb circuit board ROHS test cost

The Circuit Board can be called Printed Circuit board or Printed circuit board, the English name is (Printed Circuit Board) PCB, (Flexible Printed Circuit board) FPC circuit board.

Corrosion process of PCB circuit board

Automatic soldering machine for PCB circuit board soldering to provide technical support, however, the corrosion of PBC circuit board has been plagued by automatic soldering merchants.

PCB circuit board conduction hole must plug hole, after all what knowledge?

In order to meet customer requirements, the pass-through hole plugging process is varied, the process is particularly long, the process control is difficult, often in hot air leveling and soldering experiment oil loss; Oil explosion after curing.

Properties and uses of copper plating and nickel plating on PCB circuit board

he price of PCB is something that many buyers are always confused about, and many people will also question how these prices are calculated when placing an online order. Let's talk about the components of PCB price together. 

Basic knowledge of PCB circuit boards

it is at least attached with a conductive graphic, and cloth holes (such as component holes, fastening holes, metallization holes, etc.), used to replace the chassis of the previous device electronic components, and realize the mutual connection between e

PCB circuit board industry laser marking machine solutions

PCB is one of the important components of the electronic industry, the industrial output value accounts for about a quarter of the total output value of electronic components, the largest proportion in each electronic component subdivision industry

PCB circuit board industry laser marking machine solutions

From the development trend of various regions in the world, after large-scale restructuring, migration and technological upgrading, domestic PCB and FPC production and processing enterprises seize the opportunity of transferring electronic products to the

Understand crystal oscillator from PCB circuit board

Crystal oscillator is short for crystal oscillator. In fact, the common term crystal oscillator also includes crystal resonator, because the core is a quartz crystal.

Must PCB circuit board do impedance?

the tin plating of pcb circuit board is the most prone to problems in the production of the whole circuit board, is the key link affecting the impedance. The biggest defect of electroless tin layer is easy to change color (easy oxidation or delixing), poo

China's pcb circuit board design and manufacturing industry is a highly competitive "field of cultivation"

From the current situation, only our country has recovered the supply of products in a short time, accelerating the trend of domestic replacement of PCB industry.

Power integrity in PCB circuits

Power integrity directly affects the signal integrity of the final PCB board. Power supply integrity and signal integrity are closely related, and in many cases, the main cause of signal distortion is the power system.

The difference between positive and negative PCB circuit boards

Circuit board negative circuit or copper surface is transparent, positive circuit or copper surface is black

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