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12W SMD 2835 LED PCB

Kingford supports 12W SMD 2835 LED PCB business, we are a professional PCBA one-stop assembly factory, welcome to place an order


Because the PCB LED light combines excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility, they can integrate into many lighting applications.

12W 18W 24W 100W LED PCB

We provide 12W 18W 24W 100W LED PCB services. Kingford is your one stop turnkey PCB assembly factory. Looking forward to your inquiry.


We support 12V LED PCB business, Kingford is a professional one-stop PCBA service factory, Welcome to know about our company.

Street Light SMD 5730 LED Aluminum PCB

Kingford provides Street Light SMD 5730 LED PCB services. This is a PCBA one-stop assembly factory with senior industry experience. Welcome to know us

Impedance controlled multilayer pcb board

The definition of the impedance board is: a good layer structure can control the characteristics of the characteristic impedance of the printed circuit board, and its wiring can form an easy -to -control and predictable transmission line structure called

Aluminum Core LED MC Single Sided PCB

MCPCB aluminum substrate structureThe MCPCB aluminum substrate structure consists of circuit layer (copper foil layer), thermal conductivity insulation layer, and metal grassroots. The circuit layer requires a large load capacity, so that thicker copper f

Metal Core Copper Base MC PCB

As a substrate material in the manufacturing of the printing line board, the MCPCB copper plate is mainly on the role of interconnection, insulation, and support for the printing line board. influences.The performance, quality, manufacturing, manufacturin

Detailed analysis of what is HDI PCB, materials and advantages?

The digital world is getting more complex every hour, and the hardware associated with it is getting smaller. The advantages of HDI PCBs are many, starting with more interconnects in a smaller area. This leads to miniaturization of circuit boards that can

LED rigid-flex PCB design manufacturer

1. Soft and can be curled arbitrarily.2. It can be cut and extended.3. The light bulb and channel are completely covered in flexible plastic, with good insulation and waterproof performance, and use insurance.4. Strong weather resistance.5. It is not easy

LED Printed circuit board Assembly

Kingford supports LED PCB Assembly business, we are a professional PCBA one-stop assembly factory, welcome to place an order

AC220V LED Panel PCB Assembly

The AC220V LED panel and PCB assembly produced by Kingford have the characteristics of high quality and excellent cost performance, and it is a supplier with excellent qualifications

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.