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PCB printing method stamp hole or V-CUT which is better?

Stamp hole is the motherboard plate inside, the small board and the small board need to be connected between the tendon, in order to facilitate cutting, the tendon will be opened up some holes, similar to the stamp edge of the kind of hole.

PCB quick proofing service introduction

The time required for each lamination cycle depends on the number of board layers in the stack and the materials used. Each individual layer adds an average of 4-5 days to the production process, including drilling, filling and plating time. And board man

Four characteristics of PCB gold sinking process called sinking

Thermal expansibility. The aluminum substrate can improve the heat dissipation function of the product, thus easing the thermal expansion and contraction of the components on the printed board, while improving the reliability of the product and making the

Summarize the packaging of SMT patch processing which is prone to problems

Accumulated service for thousands of electronic enterprises, involving many types of automotive equipment and industrial control motherboard SMT processing services, products are often exported to Europe and the United States, quality can be affirmed by n

What are the advantages of SMT processing for electronic products?

Solvent cleaning is a commonly used method to remove excess tin residue. It is mainly through chemical reaction, the use of solvents to dissolve or separate the excess tin residue. In general, commonly used solvents include acids, bases, organic solvents

The importance of SMT for miniaturization of electronic products

Improve production efficiency: Traditional THD technology requires electronic components to be inserted into PCB holes one by one, and connected by manual or automated means, which is time-consuming and laborious. The SMT technology can achieve efficient

How to choose PCBA manufacturerelectronic technology?

Secondly, excellent PCBA manufacturers need to have a complete quality management system to ensure product reliability and consistency. The best way to do this is to ask the PCBA manufacturer if they have ISO 9001 quality management system certification o

Precautions for using automatic dispensing on PCB circuit board

Anti-static SMT loading and unloading rack has been introduced to you before, it is specially used for automatic loading machine, specifications and styles are generally universal.

PCB electronic component packaging basic knowledge

Packaging refers to the circuit pin on the silicon chip, with a wire connection to the external junction, in order to connect with other devices. Package form refers to the housing used to install semiconductor integrated circuit chips.

Several methods of reducing noise and electromagnetic interference in PCB circuit board design

Maintenance of spare printed circuit board. For the spare printed circuit board that has been purchased, it should be installed on the numerical control device regularly and run for a period of time to prevent damage;

Core components rely on imported PCB copying board to help domestic robots to highlight the tight circle

our PCB copying board research in the field of industrial robots needs to get rid of the drawbacks of traditional technology cloning, increase independent research and development efforts, take the international core technology as a reference for PCB revi

How is the chip inductor and chip magnetic bead different in PCB circuit board

What is the circuit and load impedance? Whether there is space to place magnetic beads on the PCB board. The first three can be judged by observing the impedance frequency curve provided by the manufacturer.

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