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What is the role of AOI and SPI in SMT processing?

SMT(Surface Mount Technology) is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry.

SMT Proofing Small Batch Electronic Product Research

Electronic product research and development enterprises in the PCBA processing plant for SMT proofing small batch processing, often hear start-up costs and engineering costs.

PCBA Lecture Hall: How To Quickly Dismantle Wide-Body Components?

Unlike welding, the key to removing the device from the circuit board is that all the pin solders need to melt at the same time.

How To Solve PCBA Short Circuit Problem Quickly

The above is about the quick solution to the PCBA short circuit problem, Shenzhen Kingford Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing overall PCBA electronic manufacturing services.

Kingford to Explore The Impact Of Automotive Electronics On PCB Industry

As cars become more intelligent and electrified, automakers are increasing their demand for the quantity and precision of electronic components.

24 Tips To Reduce Noise And Electromagnetic Interference In PCB Design

24 tips to reduce noise and electromagnetic interference in PCB design,

The Significance and Design Difficulties of PCB Copper Coating

The significance of copper coating is to reduce the ground impedance and improve the anti-interference ability. Reduce voltage drop, improve power efficiency.

Reasonable layout of device wiring on PCB

Vertical refers to the component body perpendicular to the circuit board installation, welding, its advantage is to save space, horizontal refers to the component body parallel and close to the circuit board installation, welding, its advantage is that th

PCB circuit board copper foil basic knowledge

Copper foil for electrodeposited copperfoil in English, is copper clad (CCL) and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing of important material. In the rapid development of today's electronic information industry, electrolytic copper foil is known as the

PCB electrogold plating nickel plating

It is divided into PCB electroplating hard gold (gold alloy) and water gold (pure gold) process, hard gold plating and soft gold bath liquid composition is basically the same.

PCB electroplating technology classification process and precautions

The process parameters related to copper electroplating of full-board PCB adopt a high-acid and low-copper formula to ensure the uniformity of plate thickness distribution.

Method to remove silicone oil from FPC circuit board by transferring release film

More and more customers are looking for silicone oil cleaning agents on the circuit board, because the silicone oil on the release film sticks to the circuit board.

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