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HDI board

At present, the use of polyphenyl ether (PPO or PPE) resin is a good development direction, whether from high frequency materials or high speed materials.

How to avoid HDI PCB design problems?

Maintain the integrity of signal transmission and prevent the "ground projectile phenomenon" caused by the division of ground wire.

What is HDI and what is HDI circuit board?

Printed circuit boards are not common terminal products, because the definition of the name is a little disorderly.

The difference between HDI circuit board and ordinary PCB circuit board

PCB board is a closed electronic device, is the electronic component of the support body, is the electronic component of the electrical joint carrier. HDI board is a high density interconnected circuit board.

Discussion on the new process of single hole plating on HDI circuit board

High density interconnection (HDI) circuit board technology can provide a higher density of circuit wiring, can make the end product preset more small scale.

Explain the blind hole wiring method and process of HDI circuit board

In the manufacturing process of HDI circuit board, there are many defects and difficulties in the process, among which the most important problems are the blind hole sag can not be routed, can not be transferred to form the circuit and so on.

Blind buried through hole circuit board (HDI circuit board) PCB manufacturing three key

HDI board is one of the most precise PCB board, and its process is also more complex. The core steps include the formation of high precision printed circuit, the processing of micro through hole, the plating of surface and hole.

Manufacturing method and position accuracy of HDI circuit board

At present, most automatic exposure systems use a solid-state camera to read the target image of the negative and substrate, and then calculate the difference as the basis for position correction.

How to distinguish HDI circuit board is several levels of blind buried?

The trend of printed boards in global shopping malls is to introduce blind buried hole circuit boards in high-density interconnected products, and then more useful space saving, so that the line width, line spacing is thinner and narrower.

What should we pay attention to when making HDI board?

The most effective way to improve the density of PCB circuit board is to reduce the number of through holes, and precisely set blind holes, buried holes to achieve this requirement, and thus produced the HDI buried blind hole plate.

What are the causes of blind hole interconnection failure of HDI board?

A Blind via is a through-hole that connects the inner layer to the outer layer. The Buried via is a blind hole that connects the inner layer to the inner layer.

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