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SMT processing

Precautions for SMT processing plant to start operation after the festival

Strong maintenance ability and perfect after-sales service Experienced maintenance engineers can repair all kinds of patch welding caused by bad products, to ensure the connection rate of each piece of circuit board.

Analysis of the causes and preventive measures of tin beads in SMT processing

Take the chip element with square pad design as an example, as shown in Figure 2 below. After the solder paste printing, if there is more solder paste, it is easy to produce tin beads.

PCBA products in SMT processing matters needing attention

Formation mechanism: During reflow welding, the heating of chip components is heated at the same time. Generally speaking, the pad with the largest exposed area is first heated to a temperature above the melting point of the paste. In this way, one end of

SMT processing analysis SMT assembly process inspection method

Another term we should avoid is touch-up. In this industry, many employees consider repair welding to be a normal and acceptable part of the assembly process. This is unfortunate, as rework and repair of any kind should be considered undesirable.

Why is SMT SMT processing so popular

SMT patch processing technology popularity: A, electronic products small size, high assembly density. Two, high reliability, strong vibration resistance. Three, high frequency characteristics, reliable performance. Fourth, improve productivity and realize

SMT SMT machine working principle and SMT SMT SMT processing advantages

Quality control is very important for patch plug-in processing. Only through effective quality control can we ensure the processing quality of patch plug-in, so as to obtain the best processing effect

SMT processing materials on the PCBA welding quality of those

SMT processing materials on the PCBA welding quality of the impact of the following: 1, the impact of components, 2, PCB, 3, the impact of solder paste

PCBA processing and SMT processing difference

PCBA processing and SMT processing differenceThe whole process of PCBA processing actually includes SMT patch processing. SMT patch processing is only part of the PCBA process, which literally means a wider range of processes

What are the advantages of SMT SMT processing for electronic products?

The following are four ways to ensure the quality of PCBA processing: 1. Quality control, 2. Inspection and testing, 3. Use high quality raw materials: 4. Professional technical team

How can SMT factories improve the efficiency of SMT processing?

Ways to improve SMT machining efficiency: (1) Aim for fewer component changes, (2) Focus more on PCBA assembly, (3) You should know every step of the SMT process

SMT processing core and key points

Core and key points of SMT process: The goal of SMT process is to produce qualified solder joints. A good solder joint depends on the right pad design, the right amount of solder paste and the right reflow temperature curve

Why is smt processing cost likely to rise? The six most commonly lost data in PCBA inquiries?

Here are some possible reasons for potential growth: 1. PCB solder resistance details; 2. Surface treatment; 3. Screen printing; 4. Impedance details: 5

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