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PCB design

PCB design software features to ensure design integrity

Circuit Analysis capabilities Many of today's leading EDA programs lack extensive circuit analysis capabilities. It is useful to provide PDN information or heat distribution; However, advanced circuit analysis capable of performance testing is a distinct

2021 PCB Design and Engraving Overview: PCB Design Software

Here will be an overview of some of the methods, materials, software, and tools available to produce PCBS, and hopefully it will be able to help you get started designing PCBS

Power PCB application tips for PCB design software

In general, high density boards do not add ICT. If you want to add ICT, you can set test piont in the schematic and transfer it to the network table; It can also be added by hand.

Impedance matching in DI PCB design

Matching resistance selection principle: The sum of the matching resistance value and the output impedance of the driver is equal to the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. The output impedance of common CMOS and TTL drivers will vary with

Crosstalk is ubiquitous in high speed and high density PCB designs

In PCB wiring, Stripline circuits can show a good balance between inductive and capacitive coupling, and the forward coupling energy is very small.

Processing of power supply and ground wire in PCB design

Many PCBS are now no longer single-function circuits, but a mixture of digital and analog circuits. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the problem of interference between them when wiring, especially the noise interference on the ground wire.

PCB DesignFlexible Circuit Design

PCB DesignFlexible Circuit Design Overview Examines the stress concentration properties of a design. The stress concentration properties are the sole cause of mechanical failure (i.e., cracked/broken conductors, torn insulation, etc.) in flex cir

RF circuit PCB design processing skills

RF circuit PCB design processing skillsSince the radio frequency (RF) circuit is a distributed parameter circuit, it is easy to produce skin effect and coupling effect in the actual work of the circuit, so in the actual PCB design, it will be found that t

PCB design company detailed PCB design

n the process of PCB design, wiring generally has three levels: the first is the cloth, which is the most basic entry requirements of PCB design; The second is to meet the electrical performance, which is to measure whether a PCB board qualified standard,

High-frequency and high-speed PCB design

High-frequency and high-speed PCB design 1. After the PCB design is completed, how to choose the PCB board?The choice of PCB board must strike a balance between meeting the design requirements, mass production and cost. Design requirements contain both el

Introductory Tutorial for Multilayer PCB Design

Introductory Tutorial for Multilayer PCB DesignBefore designing a multi-layer PCB circuit board, PCB Layout engineers need to determine the circuit board structure used according to the circuit scale, circuit board size and electromagnetic compatibility (

kinhfordPCB Design company answers frequently asked questions about circuit board design

What should we pay attention to in the transmission line design of RF broadband circuit PCB? How to set the ground hole of the transmission line appropriately? Should we design the impedance matching by ourselves or cooperate with the PCB manufacturer?

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