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What aspects should the PCB board design of LED driver power supply pay attention to?

The design of printed PCB circuit boards starts from determining the size of the board. The size of printed PCB circuit boards is limited by the size of the case shell, so as to fit into the shell.

Detailed PCB copy board after the whole process of board making

At this time, even if only a small high frequency current flows through the wire, there will be a certain high frequency voltage drop. Therefore, for high frequency circuits, the PCB layout is as compact as possible so that the printed wires are as short

How to complete PCB component layout in LED switching power supply design?

Whether the size of the printed board is consistent with the size of the processing drawings, whether it meets the requirements of the PCB manufacturing process, and whether there is a behavior mark.

Knowledge of Flex PCB and stiffener

A stiffener board is an extra layer of material on a flexible PCB that helps prevent the board from bending and breaking. Flexible pcb stiffeners help prevent mechanical damage during product handling and use.

Printed circuit board (PCB) selective welding technology detailed

Compared with the dip welding process, the motion of solder solution and PCB board in the drag welding process makes the thermal conversion efficiency better than that in the dip welding process.

The etching process of PCB outer circuit was revealed

The more links there are, the more likely there will be problems. This can be regarded as a very special aspect of the printed circuit production process.

Detailed back drilling process in PCB circuit board production

In China, the demand for backplanes mainly comes from the communications industry, which is now growing in the field of communications equipment manufacturing.

Controlled impedance circuit board design and interconnector characteristic impedance

Even many electronic design engineers are confused. This material will provide a brief and intuitive introduction to characteristic impedance, hoping to help you understand the rather basic qualities of transmission lines.

PCB conduction hole plugging process and reasons detailed

It is difficult to use this process to control the production, so process engineers must adopt special flow and parameters to ensure the quality of the plug hole.

Flexible circuit board FPC surface plating knowledge

The multilayer soft PCB board made of polyimide film as the base material is about 1/3 lighter than the rigid epoxy glass cloth multilayer PCB board, but it loses the excellent flexibility of single-sided and double-sided soft PCB. Most of these products

Just adagio (soft and hard combined board) knowledge

For the sticker tantalum capacitor, it is generally three capacitors on the circuit board, the left side is negative, the right side is positive. The middle one is the most vivid.

Blind hole board fabrication knowledge of circuit board

Notice When the laser holes and the inner buried holes are inserted together, that is, the holes of the two drilling belts are in the same position, you need to move the laser holes to ensure electrical connection.

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