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SMT patch processing knowledge

SMT processing plant plays an important role in the electronic processing industry, which is indispensable for the precision and miniaturization of electronic products

COB ceramic circuit board factory how to reduce the cost of LED lamps

Many manufacturers are using ceramic COBs to process LED, because this can further reduce the cost of LED energy-saving lamps.

Detailed the copper sinking process of PCB board production and processing

The post-process can only be screened probabilistic through destructive experiments, and it is impossible to effectively analyze and monitor a single PCB board.

Basic knowledge of circuit board process

Circuit board is the necessary material of PCBA processing plant, circuit board is mainly to provide a carrier for various electronic components, and components link together to form a complete circuit.

The 10 advantages of soft PCB are revealed

10 advantages of soft PCB: flexibility, reduce volume, reduce weight, consistency of assembly, increased reliability, electrical parameter design controllability, the end can be the whole solder, material use option, low cost, continuity of processing.

Multilayer soft PCB classification knowledge detailed

The simplest multilayer soft PCB is a three-layer soft PCB formed by two layers of copper shielding on both sides of a single-sided PCB. The most commonly used multilayer soft PCB structure is the four-layer structure.

Detailed SMT SMT process requirements

The rapid development and popularization of SMT processing has played a unique role in promoting the development of modern information industry.

What knowledge of PCB design?

PCB design engineers need to master a wide range of knowledge system, including electrical theory, component performance, digital circuit and analog circuit, PCBA processing process and DFM manufacturability theory, schematic drawing and Layout.

SMT plant electrostatic related knowledge sharing

Static electricity is the relatively static charge, is the excess or insufficient static charge on the surface of the object; Is a physical phenomenon in which the positive and negative charges on the surface of an object are separated.The basic physical

Detailed analysis of PCB vacuum etching technology, principle and advantages of detailed overview

Vacuum in this context refers to the negative pressure in the operating area of the system and the low suction force just enough to prevent the etching fluid from creating a puddle effect.

SMT is the most detailed process

To introduce the most detailed process of SMT patch:1, PCB board, 2, three anti-paint coating

Knowledge of PCB routing board impedance

Except for the elemental metals, the compounds are electric and have no good superconductors or even heat conduction (which is also the key to the formation of the route to disperse or propagate quantitative).

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