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Maintenance knowledge

The basic knowledge of each device on the circuit board is repaired and tested until the bad parts are found and replaced, so a circuit board is repaired.

Detailed analysis of the basic knowledge of circuit board

The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturized and intuitive, which plays an important role in the mass production of fixed circuit and the optimization of electrical appliance layout.

LED current size

WillSemi's Cadence custom integrated circuit design process not only cuts analog design and implementation time in half, but also reduces overall design cycle time by a third.

Printed circuit board selective welding technology detailed

The characteristics of selective welding process are studied by comparing with wave soldering. The most obvious difference between the two is that the lower part of the printed circuit board in wave soldering is completely immersed in the liquid solder.

​ PCB design company detailed PCB process design requirements

The PCB process design requirements are introduced in detail: 1, test point addition, 2, optical location point, 3, add working edge, 4, film file output, 5, plate rules, 6, board information annotation

PCBA manufacturers detailed circuit board processing four steps

The PCB board where the component is placed is placed into the machine from one end. On a double-track conveyor belt, the circuit board of the newly placed component passes through the hot and cold zones of the reflow furnace, precisely controlling the me

Solve the challenges of Mini LED printing process

For such a small print, the press must be able to provide an excellent solution to achieve maximum coplanicity between the substrate and the steel mesh.

PCB copy board push-back schematic method detailed

PCB copy board use: The purpose of PCB copy board is to learn the latest foreign electronic circuit design technology, and then absorb the excellent design scheme, and then used to develop and design more excellent products

PCBA manufacturers detailed circuit board components testing skills

Circuit board components testing skills: 1. Measure the polarity of each foot of the rectifier bridge, 2. Judge the quality of crystal vibration, 3. Unidirectional thyristor detection, 4. Polarity recognition of bidirectional thyristors, 5. Check the qual

What is the related knowledge of the printed circuit board?

various components (chips, resistors, capacitors, inductors, plugs, fuses, etc.) will be welded or affixed to the PCB, so that it is together with the copper foil layer. To form a complete circuit.

Basic knowledge analysis of PCB schematic diagram

Circuit diagram, also known as circuit schematic diagram, is a kind of drawings reflecting the electrical connection of each component of electronic equipment. The circuit diagram consists of some abstract symbols, according to certain rules.

Detailed understanding of SMT patch processing and production process

SMT patch processing refers to the process of pasting electronic components and other materials on PCB bare board. It is a popular processing technology in electronic assembly industry.

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